At the Prestashop Day we presented the concept of “Happy Ecommerce “
here is the article .. if you want the slides of the event contact us 🙂
How to make more customers, more prospects , increase loyalty and improve an online e-commerce by moving from the on-line window to the “Business online”.
The title will seem strange to someone. Many will wonder what happiness has to do with e-commerce.
Well, in our opinion, everything!
Only by starting from mutual satisfaction with the commercial relationship is it possible to develop an effective commercial project. Only by thinking of the value delivered to the customer is it possible to develop sales.
Unfortunately, in the start of the digitalization process, it was often thought of the mere creation of “brochures” and “online shop windows”.
Now things have changed a lot, the web-business is mature and many things have been understood.
First of all: “a good shop window is not enough to make a shop”.
As in physical reality, trade is made by a relationship of trust built up over time with the end user, a relationship that, over time, is capitalized and generates a real relationship and commercial value.
But often in these years we have focused too much on visibility tout court and less and on the selection and capitalization of relationships.
We often asked ourselves:
– How many fans have a social profile?
– How many visits to the site?
– How many read the newsletters?
All parameters today are increasingly insufficient for an online business.
To create a real business, new technological tools and new approaches are increasingly needed, but absolutely new techniques of integrated web marketing.
In addition to the site, the social network and e-commerce, for example: project planning tools, scientific content creation, targeted newsletters, landing pages, surveys, crm . ( customer relationship management), integrated analytics .
In the session in attendance at the Prestashop Day you can understand:
– What new Web Business techniques to apply;
– What are the techniques of the best online business;
– Which tools to improve visibility, capitalization and customer satisfaction.
See you at PrestaShop Day to meet us in person!
Fabrizio Barbarossa
Author, Trainer, Founder
White Rabbit


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