The Customer Analytics is the new secret to the improvement of the Business Online

The myriad of data available today and the many different user behavior patterns make understanding and processing these data too great a burden for many companies.

How to combine the thousands and hundreds of devices connected to the site with the wishes of each individual user?

Here’s how to make a Content Marketing strategy to develop your visibility.

What are Customer Analytics and Customer Journey ?

Analyzing data about a possible customer today, let’s face it, is very difficult.

We are more connected than ever, we base our private life with work, the time of online activities is no longer defined and we surf on multiple devices, even simultaneously.

The ” CUSTOMER JOURNEY “: is a graphic visualization of the “path” of the client, that is the set of points of contact between the company and the consumer. Ref: ¬†
The ” CUSTOMER ANALYTICS” : is the sum of the web and / omnichannel statistics that represent all the data of the consumer from his first approach to the company to the repeated purchase. They include navigation on the site, social media, purchases, opening newsletters and all other information that represents the interconnection between consumer and business touchpoints .

Understand then where and when to intercept the consumer within his Customer Journey towards our cart poses two fundamental questions: how do we collect this data and how do we interpret it?

White Rabbit responds by giving you two key tools such as CRM, that will allow you to manage all stored contact, lead, newsletter subscription and orders, and the Power of Analytics tool, which offers a vision “visit to visit” within the your site, allowing you to intercept entry points, focus on page and the main factors of exit and abandonment of the cart.

How do I analyze the Customer Analytics with White Rabbit ?

Through the CMS, the real nerve center of the management of all your contacts, you can manage and follow the Customer Journey of your customers: who has just come into contact with me? Who has been following me for a long time but has never made a purchase? Who bought only occasionally on my store ? What are my loyal customers? Who needs a special offer that I have to prepare?

Think about the possibilities of increasing managing these customers in groups?

You could send a DEM Newsletter to customers who have never bought on your site by focusing on presenting your best products and sending them a coupon for your first purchase. You could re-propose the purchases made in the past to those who were satisfied with the choice, thus increasing its conversion rate and loyalty to the customer, or you could offer special prizes to users who have chosen you several times, making them become real Ambassadors. Through the management of Ticket and Operations, none of these opportunities will escape you: the suite will propose you actions of Marketing Automation and will follow you in their realization.

Then expand your knowledge not only to registered users, but also to visitors passing through your store : predict behaviors and intercept any sales opportunities through the Customer Analytics, offered by our integrated tools within White Rabbit . We are in fact able to triangulate more information about the user (sources, means of access, behavior within the site), your site (strengths and weaknesses, products and pages of greater appeal) and the world around you (global trends, competitors, information and articles from the network and social networks) to offer you Predictive Marketing modules to be applied on the Store and maximize your performances in a targeted and effective way.

You will be able to follow the whole process of online purchase: before, during and after the transaction.

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