Fabrizio Barbarossa – CEO of White Rabbit – will present all the latest news at Ecommerce Day of Turin with a report dedicated to artificial intelligence

“How to make new customers?” This is the question that so many people in the marketing world have placed at least once in their life. But this is the same question (or the same objective) from which we started when we thought about setting up smart software . Let’s say, a platform capable of “suggesting”   what virtuous actions to do to make the best in the field of online business .

What is a customer / big data?

The software we have developed follows the principles of the modern philosophy of integrated marketing : the idea of ​​offering e-commerce operators the possibility of carrying out all operations connected to the field of electronic commerce with a single access.

Here is an artificial consultant, a White Rabbit , who leads businessmen and businesses in the complex and magical world of e-business .

White Rabbit starts from what can be called customer / big data , that is a set of information related to the actions that a user performs within a site or a social network. The guiding principle of the genetic algorithm used for the development of this software, therefore, aims at the possibility to predict and, consequently, to suggest , which of the users who visit a portal can effectively become a new customer. If we are not already in the vicinity of an ” automatic pilot” business system … we are not lacking.

White Rabbit at Ecommerce   Day of Turin

Fabrizio Barbarossa – our CEO – will present his results on October 19th, at Ecommerce Day 2018 , to be held at the Congress Center of the Industrial Union of Turin . It is one of the main events in the electronic commerce sector in Italy.   A whole   training day   and innovation on   themes related to the world of e-Commerce, with a particular focus on the concepts of Brand , Design and Fashion , in the company of   top experts   of the sector and an audience composed of   marketing and digital development professionals,   entrepreneurs   is   technology enthusiasts.

The speakers of the event

Among the speakers there will be experts of the caliber of Giancarlo Bonzo , who will do the honors, Pierpaolo Antonioli (General Motors ), Marco Losito (FCA), Maria Giulia Ganassini   ( MailUp ) , Davide Alemani (Pirelli), Felice Petrignano (IBM) and others, in addition to the aforementioned Fabrizio.

“In the report we will present at Ecommerce Day   we will talk about the artificial intelligence related to our suite: a software designed for online business that plays the role of an artificial consultant in the sales sector. We will show, in essence, how it has become easy to manage sales transactions thanks to innovation in the field of digital marketing “. (Fabrizio Barbarossa)


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