A day in the company of many digital companies Transformation : between data driven approaches , CRM, marketing automation and much more …

The idea is to foster the development of entrepreneurial culture and open innovation through the contamination between the world of startups and the most curious companies , capable of focusing on innovation, understood as a critical factor for success. The mission of the Startup Intelligence Observatory can be summarized in these terms , as well as the spirit of the presence of White Rabbit at the Milan Polytechnic . The meeting, held in the Sala Consiglio del DIG (department of engineering management) – entitled CRM, Data Collection, Insight and Marketing Automation – was an opportunity for comparison between some of the most important innovative companies in the field of Digital Transformation   and companies ready to upgrade and ready to invest in the eBusiness field .

Research results and trends

After the opening of the works, inaugurated by Alessandra Luksch (director of the Observatory) and Stefano Mainetti (CEO of PoliHub and scientific director of the project), the results of the research and the innovation trends were presented , before giving the floor to the discussion plenary and pitches of startups .

Marta Valsecchi and Sara Zagaria – respectively director and researcher of the Omnichannel Observatory Customer Experience of the Polytechnic – presented the state of the art of the startup world on an international level, also tracing the theoretical guidelines to be implemented to address the profound changes in consumer behavior and business communication.

From the analysis conducted, about 530 startups (investor-financed, formal and informal) emerged, dealing with omnichannel customer experience . Most of them offer services and technologies that cover all the phases of the implementation process that a company must carry out to guarantee an omnichannel experience to its customers .

The White Rabbit algorithm at the Polytechnic

Our speech at the Politecnico was curated by Guido Panigada and Fabrizio Barbarossa , respectively Sales Manager and CEO and founder of White Rabbit . The advantages of a Suite that aims to integrate all media with the technology of an innovative Customer Data Platform have been shown . Starting from a data- driven approach , White Rabbit starts from what can be called gods   customer / big data , or a set of information related to the actions that a user performs within a site or a social network. The guiding principle of the genetic algorithm used for the development of this software, therefore, aims at the possibility of   forecast   and, consequently,   suggest , which of the users visiting a portal can actually become a new customer.

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The other startups present

Gian Mario Infelici ( Adabra ), Luca Manara ( AppQuality ), Gianluca Perrelli ( Buzzoole ), Claudia Tomasi ( Cynny ), Davide Feltoni participated in the CRM event , Data Collection, Insight and Marketing Automation organized by the Startup Intelligence Observatory. Gurini ( Datalytics ) Emanuele Seghetti (Instilla), Marco Giannotti ( Moxoff ), Stefano Tonella ( Roialty ), Mirko Lalli (Travel Appeal).


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