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In Pescara the star-up of happiness

Elaborated by White Rabbit SRL the software super-algorithm that interprets the tastes of customers and multiplies online shopping. Fabrizio Barbarossa CEO of the company, unveils today at Ecommerce day of Turin its revolutionary formula.

If it were a slogan it would be “We sell happiness”. All due to an algorithm, the one designed and developed by a company from Pescara, the White Rabbit SRL by Fabrizio Barbarossa , and tailor-made for companies that face different strategies but with the same objective – to sell the product – in the e-commerce business. The mechanism is as simple as effective: “Being able to do more with less investment, saving time and money”. Happiness is intended for those who use it: the company and the recipient, who find themselves interfaced thanks to the flow of information that travels online.


The winning intuition and revolution ­ of the White Rabbit – with a decided change of pace compared to the sector scenario ­ was to create a start-up based on cutting-edge software (with 800 thousand lines of code, twice the size of the soft ­ ware that makes the shuttle travel in orbit) able to cross data from multiple platforms, from the web to social media like Facebook to Whatsapp , so as to allow companies to know in real time, and above all to store, tastes and preferences of each social user to be able to safely address proposals and commercial offers.

The name of my company is taken from the Bianconiglio that accompanies Alice in Wonderland: with the same philosophy we accompany our users, helping them to orient themselves in the multitude of services and opportunities on the web

Explains Fabrizio Barbarossa , founder and CEO of White Rabbit as well as a lecturer, consultant and corporate author of texts in the field of e-commerce, digital marketing and artificial intelligence.

The client’s identikit

«In specific terms, we are talking about a suite of programs that combines the functions necessary for web marketing and business in general – continues Barbarossa – to acquire information ­ user profile profiles ­ tential. The criterion is: you buy what you like best and this makes you happy. I know what interests you, I know your hobbies and your passions, your ” like ‘suggest your tastes and your preferences and then here is the pro ­ learned that you are looking for or that you would have wanted to look for but you have not done it even for lack of time. Precisely to this – that is to zero the distances between company and customer – provides the “logarithm of happiness”, bringing the article to the attention of the potential buyer whatever it is: cars, clothing, holidays, homes or any other product . And maybe, if you’re hesitant, encourage yourself with a promotion or a discount, you buy and you’re happy “.

Big Data

The ability of the Super Software to collect, store and interface the data is decisive in this flow of information ­ formations acquired from every single profile. “We are talking about the millions of data that only one machine can now analyze and the logarithm elaborated by our IT experts at White Rabbit has the great ability to catalog every detail on every customer – reveals Fabrizio Barbarossa -. Data that I allow ­ no to know what he looked for on the web, what he liked and what less, if he cultivates specific interests, in short we learn to know his world and that’s where we intervene through the criteria of the happy business with suggestions designed specifically for that type of customer”.

A world, that of the White Rabbit , that Barbarossa will unveil today at the Turin conference center on the occasion of the Ecommerce Day in front of an audience of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts of intelligence    artificial,    I type marketing, with a specific focus on the concepts of brand, design and fashion. An exceptional parterre that will see Barbarossa in the role of speaker alongside managers of prestigious brands such as FCA , General Motors , Pirelli and Ibm . For the world of commerce it is a revolution that is the evolution of a process that has been underway for years and is developing    to    a    extraordinary speed. The downside is represented by the backlash – the most drastic they speak of a tsunami – that the phenomenon of e-commerce is already determining on the large distribution sector. No news under this profile: as always, we are big that eats the baby.

Paolo Vercesi, ilMessaggero

(article of 19/10/2018)

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