Complete Interview text on the Sole 24 Ore of the Founder of the White Rabbit Suite:

Superb business software from White Rabbit

The all-Italian start-up has developed a suite for the unique management of web-marketing and beyond

An all-Italian start-up, probably the largest in Europe in terms of the size of the software created and launched on the market.
White Rabbit has been able to create a suite of programs for the unique management of all aspects of a company’s online business.
With its 800 thousand lines of code created in Italy, it represents twice the size of the software that makes a shuttle travel in orbit.
Why create such a great software?
This is explained by the CEO and founder of White Rabbit Fabrizio Barbarossa. “Our suite is the set of all the functions necessary for web marketing and business in general. Today, to do business online, dozens of micro applications are required that do not interact with each other efficiently.
Programs to make projects, sites, mail, customer management, statistics and more. White Rabbit understands all of them and converses with each other, minimizing the number of transactions “.
In short, White Rabbit is the ‘guide’ to the wonderland of the business, that of the opportunities of the network and of the enterprise 4.0. Still Barbarossa.
With the Suite all the necessary software are in a single integrated system.
The first customers recorded an improvement in their monthly sales from 200% to 450%.
This ‘sum’ of functions produces the Big Data Company and allows the company a better effectiveness in marketing and management and knowledge of its customers. “
White Rabbit was born from the intuition of Fabrizio Barbarossa, expert in Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence and Consultant for the largest Italian online companies.
“In my story there is the sharing of digital culture and online business. After writing books and doing thousands of hours of lectures and consulting, I realized that there was no integrated tool for online business. So I designed and built with my White Rabbit team “.
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