The concept  of Happy Business, which is at the base of White Rabbit, improves the customer purchase  and assistance experiences.

White Rabbit Marketing Tools have been optimized to manage different communication channels, such as mail sending, SMS and surveys, which are useful to test  customers satisfaction and loyalty.

Mail Marketing

The software enables to personalize preformatted mail templates (already optimized for the most common reading formats), to which you  can add company information and  institutional details.

You can do all that without  having any knowledge   about neither HTML code nor other kinds of programmes.

In case you have specific graphic needs, you can personalize the different templates by modifying the HTML code.

Unlike  most common mail marketing softwares, White Rabbit  templates are designed to contain a series of important automations.

The mail is sent by highly reliable servers, which are able to handle millions of daily mail safely. That makes White Rabbit Marketing Tools perfect to meet the needs of big companys too, minimizing the chances for the forwarded mail,  to be considered as spam.

The  via mail Customer Survey function offers the possibility to submit all your contacts or some of them, to satisfaction  surveys and questionnaires on the services offered by the company.

In addition to mail sending, the system provides a specific function to send notifications by SMS.

Landing Page

The so called Landing Pages have been conceived to optimize the  gathering of advertising data, which can be acquired  by  users to ask for further services, information and assistance.

Through White Rabbit Marketing Tools,  you can create Landing Pages through which,  you can find more and more information about new potential customers.

Integrated CRM

Email communications are sent through a contacts database in the software, also called CRM.

Unlike many mail marketing tools, with White Rabbit Integrated CRM  you do not need to create an infinite number of different contact lists, because these are  created automatically, on the base of the information in the software database.

CRM synchronizes the data from e-commerce, social networks and landing pages in order to create  one or more contact lists easily and automatically.

Filters and Marketing Automation Functions

“Filter” function is a virtual contact list in  CRM, which can be “fixed” (consisting of all the contacts entered on a specific day) or”variable” (consisting of all the contacts filed during a longer time spam).

The CRM System also provides the possibility to use more filters for  the Marketing Automation activity. This function is useful to increase the performance and reduce   the time needed  for the customer managment.

Customer Data Recording on C.R.M.

A distinctive peculiarity of White Rabbit Suite is the constat synergy among Marketing  and CRM  tools. The recording and synchronization of the activities of the mail recipients happen in real time.

Mail receiving and opening, entry and navigation within a site by the customers, are traced, profiled and filed. In that way you have a precise customer journey, which is useful to understand how  customers interact with  company media.

Also the information from surveys and landing pages find room in the CRM archive.

In this way you can have a faithful overview of the company activity and understand which part of the business requires an intervention action.

Understanding how the customers interacts with your site, their interests and feedbacks about the services offered by your company, is the first step for a true Happy Business.

Because Happiness” is real only if it is shared”.