With the advent of the internet, what was  a difficult market before has now become merciless for Small and Medium businesses.

A number of needed strategies have been added to  traditional   company  activities,  to impose one’s own online presence . Those strategies need to be worked out, planned and followed.

Those steps often appear to be difficult for an emerging company, especially if it is small or  family run.

One  might lack time, resources or technical skills to develop the most basic online  placement.

You  might need a web site, maybe an e-commerce,  or a system which helps with the managment of social networks and with the creation of essential content  to update them. You might need  to manage your e-mail or a system for internal messaging to communicate with your staff and your customers quickly and safely.

Maybe you need tools to plan marketing activities and others to analyze the results achieved, or specific skills to handle both.

What you need is White Rabbit.

White Rabbit is the first integrated platform which include all those functions, together with many more, in just  All in One Suite.

The software includes functions for making and managing  professional web sites or  e-commerce in a supported way, or for integrating the already existing ones into the platform.

Those functions enable you to manage more social showcases and to create effective content to post  easily and semi-automatically.

It includes systems for internal messaging and  file sharing,  for customer care, by sending promotions and surveys, and for  the managment of complaints and assistance tickets.

White Rabbit enables you to plan marketing strategies and campaigns, by constantly  following the trend thanks to the Integrated Analytics.

All that in one single  system of integrated  functions, which work in perfect synergy, by exploiting the potentials of the most popular online business softwares at the same time.

Woocommerce, Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, DropBox, Google Drive, Facebook, Twitter e Instagram are, in fact, integrated into the platform, through a system supported by Amazon, and programmed to handle  the data and  the functions of all those tools, by a single interface.

It is a concrete help to PMI entrepreneurs, who waste resources and time , by  buying the same number of softwares  to ensure the same tasks individually .

Put complications and technicalities aside. Have a Happy Business with White Rabbit.