The innovative and Patented CRM System ( The Company Contacts Database) is the White Rabbit soul.

For a true Happy Business it is important to create a customer centred System, which is able to  acquire (develope) new customers, while cosolidating  the loyalty of the old ones. This is possible only through a Contact Managment System that tests their experience.

White Rabbit CRM has been conceived to perform at the same time B2C activities ( regarding final cosumers), B2B activities ( sales to intermediaries or companies together with data and offers managment), social activity ( which is the managment of social networks profiles  and their activities).


White Rabbit CRM manages 5 type of contacts:

The Followers, who come from social platforms and they do not usually have a public email address.

  • the Prospects, who come from the web and are associated to an email address.
  • the Customers, who have already concluded a commercial transaction with the company.
  • The whole Company Team, which  like the customers, represent real  contacts who you need to comunicate with.
  • The “unknown” users, who are all those contacts from the web and social networks, for whom do not exist any chances of  identification.

In White Rabbit CRM you can file your customers data, such as personal data, business profile,vat number, social networks details and the chronological record of those products bought and visualized.

You will have also access to important information, such as the Customer journey on your site, their actual reading of newsletters, the interactions generated by the company social network, the most visited pages of the website, the most sold products and much more. All that according  users privacy and consensus  regulations.


Filtered Searches by Relevance

The CRM enables you to make basic and advanced searches. Through the basic search you can come up to  single customer files to control operation, commercial and assistance activities.

The advanced search instead, exploits the customers profiles in the database to make lists which are united by wider parameters:

  • Type (Follower, prospect, customer, internal user)
  • Contact source (site, social network, manual enter)
  • Type  of activity (mail, social, site,sales)
  • Period of activity
  • Kind of Filter

             The Filters can be used for single entry or can be saved as standard if you need to make the same kind of search regularly.

it is possible to set up the search for a specific group of customers  (for instace, those who have not made any purchases for more than 60 days), in order to implement specific strategies for that category.

White Rabbit database enables you to identify and delete duplicate contacts, oganizing a single contact in different lists (for example socilal and prospect). In that way you can have a single picture of all his interactions with the  company platform quickly and completely.

The CRM dashboard database offers a clear summary of the latest contacts acquired by e-commerce or by the landing pages of the last programmed sales,  the received

orders and assistence tickets.

Everything integrated into the Suite

The White Rabbit CMR is integrated into the whole infostructure of your company.

It is integrated into the sites: it acquires contacts from the platform, either in WordPress or in an e-commerce such as WooCommerce,Prestshop or Magento

It is integrated into Social networks: it acquires data from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter showcases of the company.

It is integrated into Marketing Tools: records of mail reading, site clicking, privacy authorization, SMS receiving, Landing page data and customers surveys results.

It is integrated into Analytics : all the data recorded by different analysis systems ( such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insight)  are consulted on a single Panel together with those in  the software Integrated Analytics.

It is integrated into the Project and Managment Campaign: sales, assistence, tickets, team activitieswhich are always filed and  traceable.

Evrything is already pre-installed, immediately useable without any efforts. That is what makes Happy Business worthwhile.

Analize everything through Power Analytics

All in One Suite.  All you need to run your Business through one Single Account.

Today the biggest web platforms provide the possibility to compare all the data regarding company/ customer interaction, in order to improve their services and develop  increasingly accurate marketing strategies.

We can have analytic websites data distinct from  e-commerce ones, or Social network and mail marketing data and so on. But all those information usually appear disorganized and dispersive, because they are arranged by different sofwares, which are often incompatible.

White Rabbit has developed an innovative tchnology called  Integrated Analytics, which includes in one single panel all the information about:

websites data ( navigation, visited pages and time spent on a site)

Social data (visibility and payment of social channels)

Marketing Tools data ( newsletter reading, landing page data)

Activities on all social networks content.

Team work on tickets and customer satisfaction.

Traceable users visits, to whom forward new offers and information.

Customers orders.

That data can be exported in few clicks, in order to be analyzed and compared easily.

It is the Suite one of a kind and pre-installed function, able to provide your company with important  information .

This is the Power of Happy Business