The wide spread use of Social networks to affirm the company presence on line,  has increased the need for interesting content to publish.

Today the so called Content Marketing is at the base of the web. To gain the attention from the pubblic, is necessary to invest on  a regular pubblication of a new and updated conten.

This activity often appears more difficult than one would immagine. An effective content is always the result of a well planned strategy, which is coherent with its targets.

From a SEO point of view, optimizing the content by using key words that “push” the content through search engines, recquires more spcific skills. Google has become more attentive and tries to offer its users  much more quality content.

For a SEO oriented Content Marketing is important to develop an editorial plan, like  the one of  newspapers.

The revolutionary Content Machine in White Rabbit enables to create an Editorial Plan by using the most representative key words of your topic. The automatic search of  the most frequent key words,is very useful to develop an effective Editorial Plan.

Moreover White Rabbit Content Machine gets from the web the main information related to the  used key words, also in a foreign language, in order to  suggest new ideas for the development of a new content.

Thanks to this function you will:

  • always have  a more refreshed and interesting content.
  • create posts more quickly and targeted
  • follow a more coherent editorial plan
  • measure the level of the content  pubblic approval.

Updated showcases and bolgs keep the attention of the pubblic on your company  generating leads.

The right content for Happy Business.