Today the biggest web platforms provide the possibility to compare all the data regarding company/ customer interaction, in order to improve their services and develop  increasingly accurate marketing strategies.

We can have analytic websites data distinct from  e-commerce ones, or Social network and mail marketing data and so on. But all those information usually appear disorganized and dispersive, because they are arranged by different sofwares, which are often incompatible.

White Rabbit has developed an innovative tchnology called  Integrated Analytics, which includes in one single panel all the information about:

  • websites data ( navigation, visited pages and time spent on a site)
  • Social data (visibility and payment of social channels)
  • Marketing Tools data ( newsletter reading, landing page data)
  • Activities on all social networks content.
  • Team work on tickets and customer satisfaction.

Traceable users visits, to whom forward new offers and information.

Customers orders.

That data can be exported in few clicks, in order to be analyzed and compared easily.

It is the Suite one of a kind and pre-installed function, able to provide your company with important  information .

This is the Power of Happy Business