White Rabbit enables you to organize and visualize your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram streams within one single panel. Through the same interface you can work on team shared projects, by organizing editorial plans and simultaneous publications of posts.  The software elaborates a chronology of the ineractions with your followers , providing  updated summaries of  “likes” and “comments” generated by your posts.

This function is particularly precious for the company, because it enables you to see and analyze:

The major influencers activities.

The type of content more in line with your public interests.

Any “serial detractors.”

The  fondest fans of your brand .

Surverys on posts.

Generally speaking the access to this information is possible only  by comparing the different insights provided by social neworks. White Rabbit makes this  process easier by providing a panoramic view of them within one single screen, and by supporting you also in the creation of effective content to publish, thanks to its innovative Content Machine.

Happy Business with White Rabbit !