White Rabbit is an innovation in  the Web Universe. It is a product which was born and brought up by a team whose clearly idea is: making business people happier.

If you are thinking of innovation, or you have already been working on it, we are with you. Because among those bearers of new ideas, there is  always  the one which will establish itself as such and we would like to be there when it happens.

For that reason our Integrated Suite provides a series of specific functions for startuppers.

Through White Rabbit you can create or link up sites in WordPress and E-Commerce, within one platform, which enables you to keep managing them in a simple way. You can have Marketing Tools available for mailing operations, planning  advertising campaigns,  data analysis and capitalisation related to your work.

Thanks to notification and internal messaging systems, you can communicate with your team and customers, in a safe and traceable way, by monitoring working phases of assistence tickets , projects and activities  in real time.

You can share documents and other files, thanks to a  repository synchronized with your accounts Dropbox and Google Drive. Moreover you can manage data and activities on social networks, through one single integrated panel, working out an editorial agenda of effective content, with the help of some automations from the Content Machine, which is pre-istalled in the suite.

Buying  every single software, which can ensure the above mentioned  functions, cannot be afforded by many, especially considering that it is a newly born reality.

Through White Rabbit you can have everything, managing apps through one single  online platform, which can ensure more services at a lower price.

Less waste of resources  means more potentials to put in your business, and most likely to see it prospering.

Have a Happy Business with White Rabbit!