If you are a freelancer or you work for an agency operating in the digital field,  just think  about the number of softwares you use daily to do your job.

Hosting, e-mail, internal messaging, safety services and interpretation of computer data, Strategy development, reports on comparative analysis of different platforms.

White Rabbit has included all those functions, in a single, one of a kind, on line software . A platform which optimizes the work thanks to a perfectly synergistically integrated service suite .

Through White Rabbit you can communicate faster with your team and customers, by turning the messages into assistance tickets and by monitoring their resolution thanks to a notification system. You can plan effective marketing strategies thanks to Marketing Tools and create SEO oriented contents for blogs and social networks by the Content Machine.

An effective job is the result of the use of simple tools. Organizing it in the simplest way possible, increases the quality of the services on offer and consequently the potentials of your businesss, it enables you to dedicate yourself to what you most enjoy.

Make your business happy through Happy Business Suite of White Rabbit !