White Rabbit is the ideal Suite for business consultants and freelancers, who collaborate closely with different companies.

Working with many customers, offering them professional consultancy services, may be difficult, especially to those who are less computerized. Just think about the managment of  numerous mail sending, the organization of mismanaged information or the constant sending of reminders to customers to send important documents.

It is a daily practice which turns out to be time consuming, with lower quality services and inefficient resource managment.

By relying on White Rabbit you will have a professional managment, through which organize your customers business, and consequently benefits for yours.

The Integrated Suite offers functions for documents sharing,  sending mail and messages safely, assistence tickets for a quick problem solving  and a notification system to monitor the work.

Through White Rabbit you can invite your contacts to collaborate on a project as a team, by sharing files on external platforms, such as Dropbox and Google Drive, pre-installed in the Suite.

Follow the white rabbit  and share with your customers a new way to run a Happy Business.