White Rabbit was born to make team work easier among  collaborators from the same company and those from different businesses.

The Collaboration Tools, provided by the Suite, enable you to invite new users to work to the same project, by giving single roles to each resource, in order to distinguish the different competences.

This software enables you to generate an  infinite number of working teams and organize them by funtion, project, customer or other features. A team does not exclude  the other: the same members can operate on different projects as needed.

The users can receive tickets or individual assignments and collaborate with each other thanks to a perfect synergy expressed by the Campaign Managment Tool.


White Rabbit interfaces your Dropbox and Google Drive files whithin a single archive which is consulted by the users. This handy function reduces file research time and archive materials, and it evoids the dispersion of business documents.

Sharing files through a simple link, which allows a download if necessary, is one of the many possibilities offered by White Rabbit Repository, whose archive space is implementable according to the chosen package.

Internal Messaging

The Messaging System provides the possibility to send internal communications safely and protected, by classifying them so that they could be found easily and quickly .

The files attachments are not physically transferred: the recipient is invited to visualize them directly in the Repository,  in order to increase the  sending speed, also in case of poor connection.

The messages can  be easily turned into tickets, which invite the recipient to take care of a problem. This way the “ccomunication” becomes “solution”, by less than one click .

Internal and external Tickets

The  tickets are used mainly to manage the critical issues reported by the team or the customer.

Open a Notification Ticket enables you:

to assign it to a specific working team or to a single user.

to follow a problem in real time,  by knowing its progress stage and resolution times.

to comunicate with  the  ticket associated customer quickly, in order to increase his/her satisfaction.

to make survey of the most frequent critical issues and their solution times.

The tickets are always highlighted in the user’s to-do-list, they cannot be forgotten.

Notification System

The  immediate Notification System  optimizes everything.

White Rabbit notifies   the interested parties, all the information regarding the project they are working on automatically. The software takes care of sending the notifications , thus saving your time.

You can decide to receive your notifications on your work panel directly, via mail or SMS, or in an integrated way among the parties, according to your needs.

Moreover, it is possible to send a so called  Summary notification“at the beginning or at the end of the day, in order to have a clear idea of the priorities and the work progress.

You can be happier withe more synthesis and less stress.