An efficient communication and marketing action is always supported by a good oganization.

All the Project & Campaign Managment functions, in White Rabbit, are  organized in just one panel so that you can manage the relative activities more quickly.

You can plan projects and campaigns and associate them to specific customers or working teams and  easily save and share documents. You can schedule your work according to the priorities.

White Rabbit enables you to manage each of those aspects  with flexibility and coordination.

You can either decide to follow the progress of the projects, or filter the research by choosing different factors from marketing to sales such as:

Key words which identify the the project (customer, project name)

Type of activity ( Editorial Plan, Social, Promotions)

Type of Promotions ( seasonal Promotions, such as 3*2 or sales, free shipping /delivery)

Marketing campaign targets (shares, budgets, downloads)

The list of customers, Contacts or prospect (mail marketing operations, surveys, invitations.

Specific activities (call, conferences, appointments)

All the activities can be monitored in real time, by one single revisor or  by whom may be directly interested, through a notifications system about the stages of the  projectcs.

A virtual to-do-list is constantly updated by a notificaton system, which is able to sreamline daily work, giving you more time to make your business happy.