The market offers many solutions for online business management.

Here is our way to integration … The Web has now reached a new stage of maturity ; and with it the methods and technologies for doing business online have evolved .

Today, we know all the software needed to manage a digital ecosystem and to develop online business.

We have collected them below.

The Minimum E-Business Tools.

This are the “must” tools for a professional Business on line:

  • Websites: web presence is essential to spread your brand, to capture interested users and to serve customers. Unlike the Social, which by their nature do not have a harmonious organization of contents, existing on the web with a site is now indispensable;
  • Different Social channels: web 2.0 has been a reality for decades, no self-respecting company can afford to stay out of it. Users are looking for us on Social, also as validation of our real online operations. And a company often has to manage different Social channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest;
  • Ecommerce: Many companies have also started their e-commerce business because the end user finds it convenient. Alongside a presence on the Marketplace (Amazon in the first place) direct selling is now essential to acquire its customers. Furthermore, over the next few years B2B Ecommerce will be developed more and more for international visibility and modern online orderability. Just think of the success of Amazon Markeplace for business;
  • Content Marketing: the presence on the modern web (social and web in general) is now based on content, that is on the “answers” that a company is able to generate for its customers. Today we can safely say: “no Content, no Marketing”;
  • Mail Marketing Platforms: Mail remains an indispensable communication tool for developing Brand Awareness and generating new opportunities. A system that is always attentive to standards such as the GDPR, which is often not present on US-style communication models;
  • Marketing Automation: the tendency of these years is to organize more and more sales funnels, as automatic as possible, to manage the relationships with prospects and customers in an organized way . We can define as almost mandatory, to organize sales processes that can skim the potential customer in order to focus on contacts with the highest commercial potential;
  • Landing Page and online Flyers: the use of Landing Page (or promotional mono-pages) is essential for online sales. Nothing worse than sending a potential customer to the site: it will disperse into a thousand menu options and the response rate will be very low. The landing focuses potential customers on an offer: it is an easy approach that generates more contacts than any other form of communication. Especially for those who use Google Ads, a landing is essential for success.
  • Shared File Archives : Dropboxes, Google Drives are increasingly used in such a way as to make their files available on the myriad of devices that we use daily and to share files with others. At the company level, their evolution is the DAM or archives of the corporate digital assets .
  • Customer Surveys: understanding the degree of customer satisfaction , accumulating review judgments are indispensable elements to increase one’s commercial performance;
  • Project Management Tools: for the most advanced companies, an organizational system of Digital Work is increasingly important . Without Organization, without the definition of Editorial and Communication Plans every company navigates “on sight”;
  • Archiving Your Customers and Contacts in CRM: the possibility of storing your contacts on an archive (other than the usual Excel file!) Is another of the essential add-ons for doing business online. Only by storing the data, the problems, the purchases of each customer can we communicate in a timely and direct manner and therefore in a much more effective way.
  • Analyze and manage various Analytics: an average company must integrate information between different Statistical data sources. Among the most used analytics we find the Insight of Facebook, the Google Analytics, the statistics on Mail communications, sales statistics, etc.

From this it follows that the modern company needs to manage a real Digital Ecosystem . And the technologies that allow an effective integration between the various tools used are rare. White Rabbit for managing your digital ecosystem White Rabbit was created to bring together all the software for managing a digital business and for the development of any online business.

All integrated software for online business

Comparing White Rabbit to other Software and Services on the market we can note its great completeness.

Features Hosting Mailer CRM Social Platform White Rabbit
Creare un sito, dominio, email SI       SI
Collegare un sito   SI SI   SI
Gestire Social       Si SI
Creare Contenuti         SI
Mandare Mail   SI Si   SI
Creare Landing         SI
Creare Sondaggi         SI
Inviare SMS         SI
Archiviare Follower         SI
Archiviare e gestire Prospect e Customer     SI   SI
Gestire Trattative     SI   SI
Statistiche da tutti i canali integrati         SI
Pianificare attività di Marketing         SI
Pianificare vendite     Si   SI
Marketing Automation   SI SI   SI
Manage GDPR         SI

This representation is obviously carried out with respect to an average of features of the major players on the market , this does not mean that some mailers or CRM are slightly more complete than what is represented.

In general, our competitive analyzes show that, to date, White Rabbit has twice the features of the most popular software .

Furthermore, the proposed price is also among the most competitive.

So why settle for less? 🙂

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