SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed a lot in these years.

Let’s find out how …

If you have landed on this page, surely you will have asked yourself what is the content Seo and what are the most incisive techniques to obtain greater visibility on Google .

If we have guessed, we are ready to start from those that – in our opinion – are the two ways to do SEO and to position oneself better on the well-known search engine. In fact, there are:

  1. Technical (or traditional) SEO: based on the optimization of all parameters of the (supposed) “formula” of Google. Keyword , meta tag , link popularity, internal links, etc.
  2. (and the) Content SEO: a new mix of techniques based on (content, at 80%) content ( content marketing ) and a small part on technical SEO.

Yes, but what are users looking for? On the famous search engine, people are increasingly looking for “answers” to their daily questions.

“Which is the nearest restaurant?”; “What is content SEO?”; How to write an optimized article for Google;

And so on.

To obtain greater visibility, therefore, it is necessary to offer answers to users.

Effective, comprehensive answers = visibility Google,

regardless of the old logic of the so-called “indexing formula”, favors the contents that users consider most effective.

Consequently, to be visible, a company must publish relevant content, that is information, about its business; do not publish sterile brochures (1990s).

If these contents are effective and of quality, more users looking for answers will reward you (and therefore also Google).

The middle way … The activity we have described so far is a cross between content marketing and SEO.

We can call it “Content SEO“, in the sense of being able to write content that respects all the rules (and codicils) for effective indexing.

To be truly effective (and consistent) we have patented and implemented a Content Machine , available within the White Rabbit Suite .

Our Content Machine allows you to:

  1. Write an Editorial Plan of keywords and phrases that represent the “keywords to be conquered”;
  2. Find new Keywords related to our original plan and refine the activities;
  3. Finding Content and Updates, also in other languages, “set” “key phrases” to always have new ideas and drafts. And then stay updated on your Brand, on your products, and on your favorite themes;
  4. Write and publish an article starting from one or more ideas (always to mention!);
  5. Review it from an SEO perspective : that is, verify that an article is complete with all the information valid for indexing purposes;
  6. Publish it automatically on Blog (WordPress or others) and on Social (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter …);
  7. Check an Editorial Plan between articles to be done, published, etc …
  8. Plan the next articles to be made;
  9. Monitor the progress of online publishing activities.

All this revolutionizes what we have called Content SEO because it makes it possible for many to stay up to date on news, make brand monitoring , publish their news faster and easier , publish in a coordinated way between blogs and social networks and respect the progress of a publication plan.

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