Being on the web does not necessarily mean being part of it. The roads of the web are infused is true but also indefinite. It is therefore necessary to take the right path and adopt reliable guides , in other words one must not be alone in the world of digital wonders. Whether it is a blog, a forum, a site or a social profile what matters is what we could define web proof that is the attestation of our existence through other digital players. In fact, being self-referential is not a winning strategy in a dimension that lives on shares, comments and likes . We need the contact that makes our web activity , whatever it is, connected to the rest of the digital world. Of course it is not a simple thing, it takes time, strategy and a lot to change content, the true and essential trigger 2.0.
The core concept that summarizes all this need to generate popularity and reputation responds to the name of Link Building, which is a task closely linked to SEO as one of the top tasks required for search ranking and for a performing incoming traffic.
Let’s start from the base by defining in a simple way what we are talking about.
Link Building is the art of building a significant number of incoming links to our web pages. What is it for? It serves to increase our popularity
and consequently our reputation
To put it more simply, it is as if we were a store (of content) and a customer who tried our products advised his social network to try.
After all, the web lives sharing and a word of mouse directly proportional to our ability to run our digital brand affirming its importance.
Let’s start by understanding how to develop an effective Link Building strategy
from the main factors that determine the success and weight of a link for search engines:

  • Global popularity : the more important the site that the incoming link comes from, the more this link will have weight. Let’s say that receiving a link from Wikipedia is not the same as receiving it from a friend’s blog. Popularity is also a matter of endorsement ;
  • Topic Specific popularity

Consistency is not a detail when it comes to content, so if our blog deals football Link in Italian footballers association’s entry will have some more weight than the national ski association. It deals with
pertinence and homogeneity of concepts and topics . If the Link Building is also
link consistency search engines will appreciate it;

  • Anchor Text

One of the most successful factors of our LB activity. If many links point to a site that has the right keywords, (our) page has a good chance of obtaining an excellent ranking ;

  • TrustRank

One of the biggest “dramas” of the web is spam. Just think that 60% of web pages are spam. This is why search engines carefully weigh the reliability of a page. As a result receive backlinks from sites with
a high-level trustrank , such as government sites or non-profit, governmental organizations, etc., can make our LB perform;

  • Link Neighborhood

Spam is bidirectional and can be triggered in our “link neighborhood”.
For this reason it is necessary to carefully evaluate both the sites from which we receive backlink and those to which we provide them. Spam is around the corner so beware.

  • Freshness

A backlink is not forever . Not all links that we receive maintain the freshness value that makes them performing for search engines. We have to worry about building a LB up to date strategy to receive links
incoming from popular and reliable sites in the present and in the medium term avoiding those that over time can “fall” and are not very functional for our website. That said, however, it is advisable to expand your own link network;

  • Social Sharing

It is impossible not to notice the explosion of social media, in terms of comments, sharing and content. The evaluation of search engines splits the normal links from the social ones but in any case the weight of the latter is considerably increasing and that is why our Link Building Strategy must necessarily be social oriented .
Once the concept is characterized, it is necessary to understand how we can conquer our backlinks SEO oriented . Among the most effective techniques:

  • Content outreach

For the series “punto tutto su di me” we can dedicate ourselves with care and creativity to create quality content, letting the web give us the satisfactions that we deserve with comments, quotations and mentions.
The word quality linked to content requires a careful live strategy made of a constant monitoring of the megatrends and the most popular topics and then rework everything with a process of creativity, originality and technical-graphic consistency that takes into account the SEO on the one hand and of the originality of visual and keywords on the other. In short, a quality content to be ficcante must know how to be original and functional for the potential user ;

  • Infographics and resources

The content that generates incoming links is what strikes, impresses, simplifies, supports and is therefore useful. The process of using web content is constantly progressive, so we have the duty to rethink daily what we produce knowing that the web offers us ideas at any time to do so. Let’s invent something that is beautiful and substantial, functional
and informative, pedagogical but not heavy, immediate but clear.
We use the trigger of the discovery and rediscovery of the digital dimension
to achieve a beautiful and useful insight from to share. Wanting to make a concrete example, it can not be denied that today visual marketing is an absolutely effective tool for which infographics are a perfect explanation. Also for this type of output it will be necessary to work carefully on a correct selection of the data and a simplification of format and graphics as well as on the use of the connotative colors of the contents, in short to guarantee usability oriented to an effective information foraging without friction ;

  • Guest Post

Off-site technique that therefore does not act directly on the website and provides
to look for blogs, compliant with themes and contents to our know-how how
and to the profile of our site, which wants to “host” our items in return
backlink. A sort of barter between our content creation and mention on the host site which, if very busy, can allow us to show off
our name running our brand with a consequent growth of our popularity .

  • Comment Marketing

This is an activity that has never convinced completely because it is often used badly to collect links or increase its popularity without, however, offering added value to the post or comment.
The comment marketing is certainly less full-bodied than a guest posting of which it could be called a mini version, but that anyway can not refrain from a strategic planning made of   listening, competence, analysis and personality. In a comment we must be able to compress
our personality, our competence and the analytical ability to offer elements of a starting point to a content. Providing trivial, polemical or off-topic comments makes no sense and would be anti-productive for LB;

  • Broken Link

To describe this task we could use the phrase a bit ‘colorful ” put a piece “. In other words we must find (using specific tools ) links not working in sites (which we are interested in and compliant with our web profile ) and propose to put our site as the destination of the link “broken”.
To learn more about tools and methods, read the instructions here ;

  • Directory For local citations

If we want to work on geostrategy we can certainly use this technique which consists in inserting our site in local directories so as to be SEO ready for local search .
In the article we have had the opportunity to pass the review the concept of Link Building or a kind of word of mouth able to make our brand run through quotes and external mentions in order to increase our web popularity . It is an activity that inevitably starts from a profitable content strategy . The best way to create content and to be able to monitor the web daily , to do so requires tools that facilitate the integration between our editorial plan
and the relevant megatrends . The White Rabbit suite with the ” get ideas “gives you the opportunity to take the most on-trend ideas on the web and rework them into your content creation so as to always offer you updated content and worthy of note and therefore easily visible for search engines .
Try White Rabbit , optimize your web marketing in just a few steps and emerge from the dispersivity of the digital dimension.

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