WHITE RABBIT gets born with the aim of giving to the user the opportunity of carrying out with just a single login all the key operations for Web Marketing and doing Business online.
For operative ease, all the activities have been divided in 7 macro-groups:

  • Website and E-commerce;
  • Social;
  • Marketing Tools;
  • C.R.M.;
  • Content Machine;
  • Collaboration Tools;
  • Analytics.

The Marketing Integration of the Tools included in White Rabbit is unique, allowing for ulterior potential and unmatched ease of use, but  let us introduce You in the Rabbit’s den with an overview of its functions.

White Rabbit is a world of solutions!

The Analytics section of White Rabbit got the advantage of not requiring any kind of configuration and allows to finally visualize all the Company’s data and statistic on the same page.
All the data coming from traditional Analytics, Insights and selling statisticshave been merged in a one of a kind view on screen.

90.Visualize statistics integrated from all your sources on a single panel(website, social medias, e-mail, e-commerce, crm);

91.Visualize Visitors and Statistics of Your and connected websites;

92.Analize Social Media Insights for Your channels;

93.Analize the response to Your contents;

94.Follow movements starting from the e-mails You sent: discover who and where visited Your website;

95.Monitor Prospects and their behavior;

96.Monitor customers and their journey (new, returning, inactive);

97.Identify customers getting “inactive” and put in action recovery actions;

98.Monitor the activities of the period;

99.View statistics for TEAM’s actions;

100.View statistics for Your CONTENTS on Social Medias, Website, newsletter, landing pages etc.;

101.View statistics on the ORDERS and statistics on purchased PRODUCTS;

102.View statistics on the different PROMOTIONS and  statistics on OFFERS with or without discount;

103.View statistics for personalized FILTERS and KPI: every filter created by you becomes automatically a parameter for Your statistics;

104.Export Company’s BIG DATA for data mining analysis: tall data can be exported in Excel for You to use.


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