• Management of the GDPR and of the Privacy : White Rabbit is able to manage the user’s privacy in compliance with the European GDPR. You can enter up to 6 levels of privacy and user permissions and 3 commercial communications preferences. Furthermore, a User Management panel is created of its privacy level and of its authorizations and consents, which can be modified online.
  • Connection to Google Data Studio : thanks to the connection with Google Data Studio it is now possible to create infinite graphic formats and customized reports for the end customer;
  • Simplified Marketing Automation : very simple and intuitive Marketing Automation activities have been added, in this way it is possible to create automatic reactions to events in a simple way without the use of any programmer;
  • New MarketPlace with Digital Services : a new purchase platform has been released that allows both the purchase of the various application packages and the most common digital services (site creation, landing, mail, etc.). In this way, the client company can buy only the White Rabbit product and the set of Software Product + Digital and Operating Services. All this in order to have a greater probability of achieving the growth objective and minimizing internal development costs. See the White Rabbit Marketplace.
  • New Internal Graphics : the user experience has been greatly improved thanks to a new, appealing and easy to use graphic;
  • Improved Online Help : Dozens of Video tutorials have been added, instructions improved, help shortcuts added;
  • New ways of creating Mail and Landing Page : Marketing Tools have been simplified and enhanced with new and powerful graphic features.
  • Parametric Landing Page : in order to simplify the creation of diversified Landing Page for different business and / or different geolocalizations, the implementation of Landing Page Parameters that modify their contents according to parameters sent via url is available for the Enterprise level;
  • New States : the management of the “cart abandoned” by e-commerce has been included and improved;
  • Various improvements on direct connectors.
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