A multi-channel communication is an essential choice for capturing the most of their audience.
The diversified presence on various social platforms guarantees countless substantial benefits, such as:
–   possibility of being able to preside over different targets of interest through relevant communication and an appropriate tone of voice;
–   ability to spread their brand awareness wide-ranging;
–   personalization of the strategy and the type of communication.
A multi-channel Content Marketing strategy   offers the precious opportunity to stimulate and retain certain segments of the public by acting on platforms they use the most.
So manage to manage multiple platforms,   it could often be a problem.
Sometimes this is determined by a number of factors, such as:
– having to act daily in updating the social network;
– the need to promptly respond to requests for assistance from their customers;
– possibility to analyze the results of their work.
However, in response   to these problems, software was born   with which you can manage all aspects related to the social world in a single platform.
The main advantage of these tools is to facilitate everyday work and save time through the ability to manage through a single access:

1) The planning of contents to decline on the channels of interest

The need to manage multiple profiles at the same time (between Facebook , Instagram, Linkedin … etc ) could lead to a certain chaos, especially where there is no solid organization at the base.
The integrated automation systems instead, provide a solid and effective contribution allowing to be able to program in advance the content and to be able to select the channels in which it is to be published.

2) The organization of a teamwork

It happens   that   the management of a channel is not remitted to a single social media marketer for example , but to a team work that needs to organize their projects.
The integrated software guarantees the possibility of creating work teams with which to easily coordinate projects and initiatives.   This helps to ensure greater transparency regarding the various activities and about the competences pertaining to each subject involved.

3) Management of the “Social Customer Service”

The term ” Social Customer Service” refers to the practice of providing customer service through social networks. The same can be used both to answer simple questions   and both to solve technical problems of its customers.
Landing requests for assistance to social networks leads to   a quick response time …
In this sense, an integrated software   it can represent a real resource, offering the possibility of   view contextually (and based on intervention priorities) requests for assistance from multiple accounts.

4) Analysis   from Insights

The insights are all the relevant details to:
-target or audience visiting the channel (age, gender, location);
– effectiveness of the editorial plan (coverage, views and engagement rate).
Integrated Software incorporates the insights related to each channel speeding up   the processes of acquisition and vision of data.
  White Rabbit and its added value

White Rabbit is the only software that returns a true overview providing multiple data that can not be seen by mere insights . The Suite therefore offers various services, including:

  • The connection of the social profiles;
  • creation and planning of contents directly from the Suite;
  • interaction with comments;
  • The management and organization of customer care;
  • The analysis of all the insights related to social connected.

Why choose White Rabbit

The synergistic combination of data

White Rabbit is therefore the only one   Software that, thanks to an efficient data acquisition system, does not       returns exclusively   insights parameters   relevant to the effectiveness of the editorial plan or the targeting of the       public.
The software guarantees one   global vision and truthful tracing all stages of user action !

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