WHITE RABBIT gets born with the aim of giving to the user the opportunity of carrying out with just a single login all the key operations for Web Marketing and doing Business online.
For operative ease, all the activities have been divided in 7 macro-groups:

  • Website and E-commerce;
  • Social;
  • Marketing Tools;
  • C.R.M.;
  • Content Machine;
  • Collaboration Tools;
  • Analytics.

 Let’s go into the detailed explanation of each SERVICE:

– Site & Ecommerce: 

Create a static site of a few pages: easy for small activities in a graphic and interactive way; 

Creating a WordPress site: in this function it is possible to create and host a basic wordpress website (this function is very important because it allows the customer to have a single point of contact for the entire online activity phase. like Aruba or register but we provide and install everything within White Rabbit) 

Link an existing WordPress site: thanks to the connector (Plugin) we can connect a wordpress site to acquire contacts and newsletter subscribers, mount a statistical component of the site, automatically publish an article created by the Content Machine from the Suite.

Create an E-commerce in Woocommerce: you can create a wordpress + woocommerce site automatically; 

Creating a Prestashop site: allows you to create an Ecommerce site based on Prestashop with basic graphics; 

Link a Prestashop, Magento or Shopify site: thanks to the specific connectors we can connect the Suite to an ecommerce site in the prevailing standards and automatically import all the orders to be managed by the suite and its CRm; 

Perform a site SEO Correctness Test, ie all the keywords are present and the site can be indexed by Google; 

Extract from the site the keywords for a possible editorial plan; 

Create e-mail boxes: allows the company to create 5 or more mailboxes; o Shortly (presumably 1 month): purchase of a .it domain, .com etc.

104 Things You can do with White Rabbit:“Website and E-Commerce” Section


In this function it is possible to connect: 

 –Facebook channel; 

– Twitter channel; 

 –Instagram channel;

-View all the results of the linked Social pages in a single stream; 

-Post an article on social media;

-Acquire all fan actions in the CRM

-Comment on a post; 

-Reply on a post; 

-Open a Support Ticket to Social Managers for assistance on issues or incident social;

104 Things you can do with White Rabbit: "Social" Section


 The repository function allows: 

Archive files, videos, images for use in the suite for newsletters, articles, etc .; 

Share files with the team (like Dropbox);

Transfer to customers / contacts large files (WETRANSFER function); 

View, archive in folders, delete, move files;


-The function of collaboration tools allows many things, in short.

-Create a Gantt project of the activities to be done (with the possibility to indicate desired marketing performance, marketing details, sales details, if the activity is repetitive, if subject to revision; 

-View your activities in a Calendar o View Team activities on Gantt and Calendar

-View the daily TO DO list; 

-Open service tickets; o Manage service tickets, assign tickets to other users or groups of users; 

Invite users to use the Suite; 

-Create “Groups” of operators for homogeneous functions; 

-Send an internal message to the team members; 

-Activate email notifications of activities; 

-And other small features

104 Things you can do with White Rabbit: "Collaboration Tools" Section


Allows you to prepare and send newsletters to a list or contact filter of the CRM (a filter is a subset of contacts created by the user freely example, all contacts, contacts of the last 10 days, all those that are called ” A “, all those who have made an order of X value, all those who bought the product Y etc.) 

You can send SMS to end users (within packet limits or with an upgrade if necessary); 

You can send surveys and record the result on C.R.M. in order to track the level of satisfaction of each client; 

Also you can create Landing Pages that are the landing pages that are intended to capture the contact, such Landing can be easily created graphically, can then be published either on an address of the suite or on a linked site, especially if wordpress .

The acquired data is automatically recorded on the CRM o Create a custom data and information acquisition form: allows the user to customize data acquisition by entering fields as desired (via, telephone, address, dates, etc.); 

Very short: release of the Marketing Automation Function, ie automatic emails in case of events or periodic strategies. Example send an email to those who left a cart, who has visited a certain content, etc. etc.

104 Things You can do with White Rabbit: "Marketing Tools" Section


The CRM function is the true heart of White RAbbit. The C.R.M. that is, the Customer Relationship Management system is a system that is used to manage contacts, customers and to usually organize the sales force. In simple terms it is my “database of contacts and customers” and the database of “sales activities” that is made on contacts. 

White Rabbit has rethought the CRM from a Web viewpoint in an innovative way and filed with Siae in the OLAF register on 16-08-2017 at the order number 011803 D010904 entitled “CRM for WEB with contact type and integrated analytics of all social data, web and customer journey “. 

Through the CRM of White RAbbit it is possible!

For istance, Automatically record all the actions of the “Follower” on social channels and identify and accumulate the profiles of the followers; 

Automatically record all “Prospect” or all the contacts whose email addresses you have not purchased. This is possible by automatically acquiring, for example, subscribers to a site’s newsletter, uploading a db of e-mails and contacts via Excel, importing data from landing pages etc.

Also, Tou can register all customers and all orders from connected ecommerce and others data

In the CRM it is possible to group customers to create profiled lists for actions of adequate mail-marketing or other initiatives;

The Crm allows B2B activities, namely Business to Business, B2C Business to Customer and Social CRM, ie management of social profiles;

You can filter and create custom filters for:  type;  Group;  tags;  Geographical area;  Actions performed (like, mail opening etc.);  Type and number of orders; Products purchased;  Site pages navigate; or Etc.

104 Things You can Do with White Rabbit: "CRM" Section


A normal web company needs a lot of analytical data: site data (eg Google Analytics), social media (eg Facebook Insight), Newsletter statistics, Sales statistics, etc. etc. 

Thanks to integrated Analytics we have merged all the data of the company business into a single panel.

In addition, the user can export the company Big Data to EXCEL for data analysis and marketing automation analysis and find out how to improve and exceed the limits of the business.

104 Things You can Do with White Rabbit: "Analytics" Section


The content machine helps the customer to do Content Marketing and search for content consistent with their editorial project in the network. All the visibility on google and web in general is largely oriented to the distribution of effective contents for indexing the site and positioning it within the categories of meaning and keywords; 

The Content Machine allows: 

Create an editorial plan of keywords; 

Translate an editorial plan; 

-Search the network for content and filter it every hour by keyword

-Automatically translate language content to publish it more easily; 

-Automatically publish the content on social networks and on linked sites; 

-Review the content from a visual standpoint; 

-Make Brand Monitoring or verify the contents published in the country related to a brand; 

-Analyze the publication activity of Influenzer and verify the activities of Digital Pr.

104 Things You can do with White Rabbit: "Content Machine" Section


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