A CRM (or Customer Relationship Management ) is a system for managing relationships with customers. There are three directions to which we tend to define its functionality:

  • Operative : methodological and technological solutions to automate the processes of business   which provide direct contact with the customer.


  • Analytical : procedures and tools to improve customer knowledge by extracting data from the operational CRM, analyzing them and reviewing customer behavior.


  • Collaborative : methodologies and technologies integrated with the communication tools (telephone, fax, e-mail, etc.) to manage the contact with the customer. ( Wikipedia )

The technological evolution tends to keep these three operational lines together, especially if read in relation to the success of today’s market eCommerce .
None of the three functionalities, therefore, excludes the others, rather, one proceeds gradually towards the integration of all the components.


The benefits of a CRM

Often mistakenly labeled as a stricto software sensu , CRM is a concept linked to the entire business strategy of a company ; through the automation of processes it implements the management, with a view to integrated marketing .
In the case of an eCommerce CRM oriented like Amazon , guarantees rapid results both in terms of ROI and in the care of the Customer Experience process ( Lifetime value ). Of course, in this case we talk about a real one of a giant, but Amazon remains the paradigmatic example of an eCommerce system -centrico customer and not techno-centric.

i suggerimenti del CRM di Amazon, alcuni libri di Kotler

After the purchase of any product – above the mail received immediately after the purchase of Marketing 4.0. From the traditional to digital by Philip Kotler – the idea is to provide suggestions to the customer for everything he still needs. But also of all that he would need: how, in our case, the other Kotler publications . All this happens immediately after finalizing a purchase .
This is an “intelligent use” of data processing by the CRM (and Amazon), which creates a certain sentiment in the customer and allows Amazon to continue to offer innovative loyalty solutions .


Marketing Automation

Moving to a technical level, a CRM allows the registration of each activity, the storage of data acquired by an eCommerce and the creation of operational automation.
A CRM allows us to establish a real individual relationship with each client , managing all the tools to put it into practice and maintain it over time, such as:

  • chat rooms online;
  • databases of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ);
  • the address e-mail;
  • online tickets for reporting problems or requesting assistance;
  • the internal tracking of every communication or contact;
  • the history of payments made by the customer;
  • the analysis of navigation, for profiled users;

the management of social networks and contacts received there.


White Rabbit and eCommerce

The suite of   White Rabbit   allows   make an eCommerce   in   Prestashop , Magento   or   WooCommerce   through a simple click.
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If you already have your site on one of the platforms mentioned above, download the plug-in to insert it immediately into   White Rabbit . You can synchronize the functions of your storefront with the business and client database.
You can also manage communications , reports and surveys by verifying the progress of communication and marketing activities in a simple, fast and integrated way.
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