How to improve, archive and manage relationships with customers that derive from your social pages

A Social CRM allows each company to make communication with its customers acquired via Social more fluid.
Diamone first of all a definition.   According to Wikipedia :

«The Social CRM ( Customer Relationship Management via Social) is the use within the social services of techniques and technologies for managing the relationship with the customer ».

This means that, unlike the traditional CRM that manages and stores customer data and processes for sales forces, Social CRM stores and manages social relationships and data.
The benefits are as follows:

  • Improve social relationships ;
  • social assistance services ;
  • personalized communication strategies ;
  • accumulation of social data .


Questions and answers

Today, many companies have social channels that behave like a ” stream “, like a simple stream. But thanks to the addition of Social CRM policies and strategies, this flow can be capitalized , ie archived, generating new possibilities for analysis. Questions such as:

  • Which fan did the most activity?
  • Who appreciates me more?
  • Which fan appreciates me less and complains?
  • Which fan is a customer or a prospect and has the potential to buy?
  • My best fans?
  • What can we consider as brand ambassadors or online influencers ?
  • and others .

The answers to these questions depend on the archiving of the data of the followers in a specific Social CRM, as well as the processing of the flow information through statistics and standard information as in the case of Social Insight . A CRM allows us to use specific channels based on the type of customer and the type of offer created.

A second youth

Today, with the addition of social-related features, CRMs are living their golden age. In fact, a Social CRM helps companies collect useful information about customers user satisfaction , brands, services offered or specific products.
If in the past the use of CRM was mainly technical-centric , today the perspective is that dictated by corporate giants like Amazon , we could say   customer- centric . Basically, the communication strategies are sewn on to the needs of the customers and this involves an essential data collection before, after and during this process.

A specific case

Take as an example the case of the Lufthansa airline and its way to interact with customers on Twitter .

il profilo Twitter di Lufthansa

The German airline is found to handle the complaints of a user, unfortunately, as we will see, a user who has many followers on Twitter .

il tweet di un cliente Lufthansa e il Social CRM

Tim, a very active user (1200 tweets and almost 6000 followers ), complains about a notification of flight cancellation via email in the middle of the night and a series of other problems. In this case, the CRM connected to the company ‘s social engagement tools alerted the same to the current crisis and the reaction times (the apologies) were immediate.


A Social CRM allows you to keep track of a contact received via Twitter , Facebook or LinkedIn and to manage communication faster, anticipating needs and needs. Because, as we can see from the example, today it is the user / client who appropriates the conversation .
Therefore, a Social CRM is essential for organizing , automating and synchronizing those areas of a company that relate to customers (back-off). Information on customers , on prospects or on leads , can thus be compared and expanded thanks to data coming from social media channels.
What are its advantages? A Social CRM allows:

  • Provide customer support in online platforms used by customers;
  • Interact with customers in real time;
  • Solve problems quickly by monitoring social media for complaints.
  • Find and reward the brand’s supporters , ie customers who help other customers;
  • Gaining greater visibility in places where the public takes more time;
  • Increase engagement and deepen customer loyalty relationships .

In the White Rabbit suite we have included a Social CRM capable of performing basic and advanced research based on the needs of a company. The advanced search exploits the profiling of the customers included in the database to produce lists that share the broadest parameters .

What you can do

From the dashboard panel you can rank counted for

  • Type ( follower , prospect , customer , internal user );
  • Provenance of the contact (site, email, manual entry);
  • Type of activity (email, social, site, sales);
  • Period of activity ;
  • Type of filter ;

White Rabbit is also able to assess whether an acquired fan is also, at the same time, a customer or a prospect acquired via the traditional web.
Using a Social CRM as White Rabbit we can improve:

  • information on the audience social;
  • information on the activities of individual customers;
  • react to social actions in a structured way and with marketing automation ;
  • measure and increase the Customer Satisfaction ;
  • assist customers effectively;
  • capitalize over time information and social values ​​of the company.

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