A very broad concept that encompasses all the relationships between a company and a customer: but how is it analyzed?

We define   Customer Experience   that result that derives from   all interactions between a company and a customer, for the duration of the relationship .
Furthermore, the company / customer interactions mentioned above can be classified into

  • off-line marketing activities (advertising, promotions, distribution network);
  • online marketing activities (banners, mail, promotions on social networks and search engines);
  • company-customer contact methods (telephone assistance, point of sale, online chat, social).

But not all is yet, because the Customer Experience also contains   all phases of the customer’s life cycle . It is, again, of

  • all pre-purchase interactions;
  • those between company and customer during the purchase phase;
  • and the subsequent stages of consumption (after-sales, contact centers, etc.).

But if the definition and the classifications are not yet sufficient to restrict the field, we must also remember that the Customer Experience includes: a. all the   Customer Journey (ie the entire path of the client in the relationship with a brand); b. the   Touchpoint ,   that is, the various points of contact   (which we will see later);   c. the Environment , ie the competitive and commercial context in which the relationship develops.

How much does the Digital Experience affect?

The relationship between technology and digital users is constantly evolving. And, as can be easily understood, it is a dynamic process: a new need of consumers corresponds to an adaptation of the technique , but also innovation involves the birth of new experiences .
In the case of the   We can talk about digital touchpoints , which concern the Customer Experience of the modern consumer

  • Online promotions;
  • Sites;
  • Ecommerce ;
  • Social;
  • Mail;
  • Chat online;
  • Assistance and online Ticketing ;

From the digital world to the offline world , touchpoints must maintain a tone:

  • appropriate (when the cultural context of the interaction meets the needs of the user);
  • relevant (the function performed must meet utility requirements);
  • significant (interaction is perceived as important);
  • captivating (creates a bond, joy and / empathy);

This type of classification, however, concerns a company and its way of communicating in a specific context: immersed in competition with other business activities and on the basis of the services offered.
Clearly the digital amplifies the speed of the relationship, necessitating an excellent supervision, a great quality of service and a good dose of prudence: the potential harmfulness of a negative experience can also expand on a global scale.

Google search on the Customer Experience

The first thing we must take into account is the realization of the fact that   we are always connected . One of the latest research promoted by Google (2017)   reads like this:
The experiences of digital users are more important than ever. Whether it’s the Internet, mobile devices or a digital assistant, relationships with consumer technology continue to evolve. People are finding faster and more efficient ways to do things. As a result, brands no longer compete with other brands in their category. Now they are competing with the best digital experience a user has ever had.

  1. The best experience

We must assume that the terrain of the competition between the brands has undergone a radical change: from the best product / service we have moved to a more global level.

If 89% of users recommend a brand after having experienced a positive mobile experience, it becomes almost mandatory to aim at offering the best digital experience ever. Taking also into account other factors:

  • the end user can benefit from multiple services from multiple devices ;
  • the services must be integrated;
  • and communication must necessarily be varied.


  1. A negative experience

The previous figure is lowered up to 62% if the experience enjoyed by the mobile user was negative.

  1. Word of leader

While 92% of the leaders of the marketing world are now aware that a high degree of experience can be provided only by covering all channels: from offline to digital.

In summary: what do users ask?

  • Help me Faster (Help me faster and faster) From Google , we learn that consumers are declining their thoughts from “Who’s the best?” to “Who’s the best, now?”;
  • Know me better ( Know me better ) They want to receive relevant experiences, regardless of context, device or channel;
  • Wow me everywhere (Surprise me Anywhere) Users expect uninterrupted experiences every time they interact with a brand.


Measure and improve the consumer experience

At this point in the reading it is clear how, in the absence of integration of all the media of a company and the capitalization of customer information , it is impossible to evaluate the Customer Experience.
The White Rabbit suite was created with the aim of monitoring and improving the consumer experience . It is based on the principles of the modern   Integrated Marketing and the functionality of a revolutionary CRM that automatically collects user data making the Customer Experience evaluation much easier .
All data of the company’s activities are all registered in the customer’s card, providing an immediate delivery of each Customer Journey .   For each customer or contact, the suite assigns an estimate score (or Happy Index) that helps the immediate and overall evaluation of the Customer Experience .
You will have at your disposal the possibility to survey ( Survey ) and measure customer satisfaction by increasing the listening and monitoring points .
The suite of   White Rabbit   allows you to better manage the crucial aspects of the   Customer Experience , providing you with:

  • more information about the customer’s journey on the site or the Customer Journey (reception and reading of newsletters, opening of the site, pages visited);
  • more data to cluster the customer;
  • a valid help in the management of assistance tickets;
  • more communication channels with the client, all specific and aimed at improving their satisfaction;

Access to this information allows measurement   (and interpret) as i   customer   interact with your site, know their interests and receive feedback on the services offered by your company.


Measure and increase the Customer Experience, connect your online business with White Rabbit . Find how!

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