A series of useful tips to better plan and implement your online sales activities

In another White Rabbit blog article we talked about the importance of a CRM in managing eCommerce .
Here, however, we will give you some advice on how to do a eCommerce effective , beginning, first of all, from a first warning. If you are interested in buying and selling online , you must first find out about the different types of taxation that vary from country to country. Each country has its own rules: Europe , China , Russia , USA or Australia have different customs limits and laws. But this specific topic will be dealt with on another occasion. Meanwhile, let’s take care of the guidelines and analyze together some examples of effective eCommerce .

As a showcase

It may seem obvious, but there is a first rule in the field of eCommerce that can not be neglected: take care of your own homepage .
We need to think about every detail, organize the products consistently as if it were a shop window . Moreover, every user who surfs – and finds himself on your site – is not so different from those occasional consumers who, having come out with their friends, are impressed by the display of a showcase. Beauty and organization go hand in hand with utility: so we must not overdo it. And you will not always have a second chance, the first impression is everything .
Three components to focus on:

  • the ease of navigation;
  • (therefore) the development of a good site map ;
  • the usefulness of information on products (possibly to be investigated).

Through specific software, on some eCommerce sites are tracked   the ways of browsing users . The purpose is to optimize the experience . For this reason, it is increasingly common to use the heatmap (heat maps), information of which give a picture of the most common activities that consumers perform within a site.

To be responsive

While consumer confidence in online shopping grows, mobile traffic increases at the same time ; and it does so exponentially. The implications are immediate: we must immediately think of a responsive website , not only for a graphically optimal navigation but also for the implementation of its functionalities . General organization, image quality , immediate purchase possibilities, ease of comprehension of the categories, are the main factors to consider.

One, none, one hundred thousand (customers)

There is at least one point that needs to be clear before starting an eCommerce . Its effectiveness will also depend on this. A point that is completed as a single answer to these two questions.

  • “Who are my clients?”
  • “How do they express their needs?” (that is, what words they use to do their research).

To understand each other better, let’s take the case of a product sold on Amazon :

Una schermata prodotto di Amazon, esempio di ecommerce efficace

The name of the product is only the first word lost in a long description (in the face of the brand!). The Naipo , in fact, on Amazon intercepts us through the expression of a need: “Massager for Neck and Shoulders Cushion Shiatsu Cervical with Cloth Cable …” etc. And the product is also discounted . Ah, with immediate availability. “Does the neck ache afflict you? The problem is solved in no time “.

Its structure

After seeing some small tricks to put on an effective eCommerce, the time has come to look at “more structural” issues. We will summarize them in five points:

  1. Megamenu – Elaborate a tree model that goes from general to detail;
  2. Speed ​​test – Test the speed of your pages;
  3. Galleries – Care for the quality of the photo-product, show details and advantages;
  4. Corporate Blog – In-depth content makes the difference. If there is something to invest in it is a content strategy capable of intercepting those who do not yet know your site;
  5. Marketing plan and advertising plan – They are two sides of the same coin: both define the strategy of a medium and long term eCommerce . The first defines the practical actions to be put in place for the development of your e-commerce. The second completes the objectives strategy because it establishes a correct distribution of the budget over time.

In conclusion

The online trading can seem like a real leap into the unknown … and in part it is. The management of every single action of an eCommerce requires a high degree of knowledge of the operating flows, able to start and then run a complex machine.

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