Here are seven reasons why you should start (seriously) implementing an email marketing campaign

Maybe you will not believe it, but if there is an instrument that resists any digital weather this is certainly our dear and old   email . In fact, those who say that email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools in the online business sector are not wrong .
In recent years, this practice of sending messages (commercial and otherwise) is experiencing a second youth: today, when used appropriately, it allows to acquire new customers, to retain existing ones,   invite others to respond to a call to action and much more.   Yet not all companies make good use of it.
So, we decided to draw up a list of useful tips to improve a system of mail marketing (and, consequently, the engagement of your customers).   Let’s see someone together.

  1. Define your goal

It may seem obvious, but setting a goal is the first step . And it is not at all simple. In general, we need to ask ourselves whether we want to attract new customers or aim at maintaining the current ones. Or, if our goal is simply to increase our degree of popularity. So, before planning such an important strategy, as in the case of email marketing, it is good to clarify the ideas.
About this topic,   Peter F. Druker published the pioneering   The Pratice of Management . This is a formidable compendium of the so-called SMART method , which contains some criteria to best characterize a goal. In summary, the latter must be   ( S pecific )   specific , ( M easurable ) measurable , ( A chiveable ) achievable , ( R elevant ) relevant e   ( T ime- bound ) with a deadline .

  1. Ask for feedback

A suggestion behind the   fundamentals of marketing : ask what your subscribers think. If it is true that this question represents the puzzle   of any marketing expert, the actions you can take to hunt for answers are innumerable.
Start asking for feedback , use surveys and gather information. But the hardest part is deciding which questions to ask (and how). Next, you will also need to decide how often to send your communications. But this depends so much on the service you are offering. In this perspective, we still have a certainty: the desire of your customers to express an opinion   it will amaze you .

  1. Implement your campaign

Shortly above – and quickly – we put the question of the product / service offered by your company. Now let’s take an example: if you operate in the professional cleaning products sector , most of your customers will manage commercial activities (hotels, bars, restaurants) and, sooner or later, will have to supply their stocks.
So, after the first purchase, you will have to think about retaining customers by starting supply campaigns ( replenishment campaign ) of products.
The use of an email marketing system   allows you to

  • know the (estimated) speed of future replenishment ;
  • send useful reminders as an integral part of your campaign;
  • to incentivize subsequent purchases , setting a solid basis for upselling and cross- selling .


  1. Customize the messages

Each mailbox is now flooded with messages (more or less useful). So, your email marketing strategy will have to deal with this fact.
You will have to make sure to give your customers a different treatment from the others, by personalizing the messages and offers . Automation, even in this case, can help you: you have to offer them the possibility to access exclusive content , reserved for Premium users .
Of course, do not forget to remind them that certain advantages are obtained only by registering for your newsletter. Compared to social media, the latter achieves a more personal and lasting sentiment level : greater involvement generates more conversions .

  1. Many clicks, few sales …

The goal of every email marketing campaign is undoubtedly to increase your business. However, it can also happen that good strategies are limited to generating more traffic to an eCommerce site but few purchases. If identifying the problem is the first step, the second must focus on the possibility of improving the offer .
These methods are called recovery campaigns   and serve, in fact, to redirect customers towards the finalization of purchases. Remember that even a simple + 5% can repay the investment   carried out in a marketing automation system and maintain further margins of recovery over time.

  1. … (therefore) improves engagement

The best email marketing systems not only allow you to do integrated business but also to acquire information on the behavior of your customers .
Let’s start with a recovery campaign that aims to revive the carts of your eCommerce site , where it is advisable to send:

  • a message that serves as a reminder ;
  • a second email in the form of a gentle push , aimed at completing the purchase;
  • up to the third: the last attempt at conversion .

The professionals of this sector have now understood how important it is to implement the Customer Experience , that is to make exceptional the contact between users and a brand. The first consequence is that expectations today are much higher .
For example, if your business system operates internationally, you’ll need to set up your messages based on your subscriber’s location and time zone, and then segment your audience . Then, again, you will have to think about celebrating anniversaries, holiday periods, the results achieved by your company with their help and much more.

  1. Focus on segmentation

A concept that we have now acquired is more or less the same: customers are not all the same . Nowadays it is no longer possible to communicate in a flat and linear way, but it is necessary to change the messages according to the recipient, his background and his interests.
Furthermore, the aid of an automation system   advanced is essential for any email marketing campaign that wants to be said.
These two acquired points, of course, go from the need to segment the audience with which we intend to communicate . Soon, you’ll have to recognize that your users want targeted and relevant content: your mailing list contains information whose power can really surprise you. For best results, then, you’ll need to take some time to analyze your data .
Understanding the buying behavior of your current customers will help you predict the future. You will know what they want … even before they know it.

Improve engagement with White Rabbit

White Rabbit is the all- in- one suite developed for integrated business .
From a single access you can manage web portals , eCommerce sites , social pages and, of course, implement your email marketing system .
With the help of   Marketing Tools you can send and manage mail from a highly reliable server: the tools are designed to meet the needs of large and small businesses, able to optimize strategies and communication campaigns.

The function of   Customer Survey   offers the possibility to submit to all contacts, or only a part of them, surveys and satisfaction questionnaires related to the services offered by your company.
Thanks to   Marketing Automation   you will be able to undertake multiple paths of communication; but above all, you can choose them based on the   reactions   of each client. For example, you will get answers to these kinds of questions:

  • Did you open / receive the first emails?
  • Did you click on the email?
  • Did you visit our site?
  • He bought?

Depending on the   reactions of our prospects   you will be able to develop specific activities and customize all subsequent communications.

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