Linking email marketing and CRM software creates new potential for your communication campaigns to prospects and customers

If there is a function that the common mail marketing software explicitly express it is to send e-mails, and they do it at certainly interesting costs.
With great simplicity, users can upload excel files overflowing with contacts and, with a click, kick off their communication campaigns . But, unlike what happens with the integration between   email marketing and CRM , this process produces almost undifferentiated communication: each contact receives the same message. But even the less experienced, today, are aware of how essential it is now to personalize communications between a company and its customers.
Thus, the first danger is to become real spammers , forwarding many unwanted communications, without treating the most loyal customers as such. A way of communicating nothing short of primitive.

The email is an individual message

A communication between us and a customer is a connection of great value. That’s enough   note how the big players of the web operate , they do exactly the opposite of what we have said above: they urge the right, but always following our preferences and our needs of the moment.
Is this a case? Of course not! They have at their disposal data collection years that demonstrate how a personalized message is more effective and, if possible, contextualised only at the moment of purchase .
If undifferentiated communication can be forgiven to a small company, it is certainly a serious mistake for any   eCommerce modern . Unless one of his goals is to lose commercial opportunities.

In another article of this blog, we talked about the great potential of old and dear emails : if we maintain a certain degree of effectiveness in communications, they convert considerably.
To take a further step forward in your business (the British call it breakthrough ) our advice is to do differentiated marketing . So, to achieve this goal it is important to stop using lists of anonymous mail and rely on a real CRM.

Short digression on the CRM

The   CRM is an “archive of contacts and customers”, as well as an “activity archive” for the customers themselves. It arises from the need to automate the work of sellers and sales forces in general: every important company has one.
This archive stores all customer records (addresses) and all activities: such as feedback on services, for example. In this way, the sales clerk can contact the customer and know all the status of the negotiations and its activities.

The advantages of integration

The modern integration of email marketing and CRM allows the creation of various targets and many different messages, all depending on the needs and the life cycle of the customer.
For example, it becomes simpler:

  • send welcome emails to those who have recently joined our business;
  • send separate mail to the most loyal customers compared to the less usual ones. By rewarding customer loyalty and bringing the same to a better engagement rate;
  • forward communications to customers who are about to leave the purchase process (for example, those who do not make purchases for 90 days) and avoid forgetting about us or losing confidence in our brand;
  • submit suggestions of up-selling (ie additional products) to those who bought a certain product;
  • to solicit even an important customer by telephone, which, for example, has not accessed the mail for too long.


What does White Rabbit do?

Among the many advantages offered, the White Rabbit suite records data related to GDPR approvals (valid for users’ privacy). Basically, our system sends messages only to those who have given permission .
In addition, the suite allows you to independently customize the privacy of each user : we have decided to present a real custom panel for a customer who independently decides its management rules .
All this allows you to communicate effectively with your contacts, increasing the life cycle of the customer and therefore the turnover of a company.
If associated with Marketing Automation , these policies also allow you to send messages to the change in the status or group of your contact; therefore, transforming your business into an increasingly automated business with end customer satisfaction rules .

Not all CRMs are adequate

Many CRMs arise from the need to automate sales forces and therefore do not adapt to online business: the White Rabbit suite, on the contrary, is born from the needs related to this sector.
Customer data is updated in real time thanks to the possibility of connection with eCommerce and existing sites, and with Marketing Automation   you can easily create filters based on your targets.

In addition, all communication tools (email, text messages, surveys) are already integrated, pushing your business to a more than professional level.
Further sources on the importance of integrating email marketing and CRM on Target Marketing Mag .
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