Short journey through a new technology increasingly central to eBusiness strategies

In recent times, one of the most inflated topics is certainly that of Marketing Automation . What is it? A technology that allows companies to significantly improve the likelihood of increasing their number of customers . ( Wikipedia )
To this definition, it should also be added that this is not a strategy marketing among the easiest to develop and then follow. We are talking about a software that allows you to automate some repetitive business activities online, but we must remember that these same activities are often revolutionized by the speed in which these contexts evolve.
To get into the merits of the matter, let’s see some widespread method to automate the acquisition of customers .
A basic method

There is a fundamental principle to start with: most customers do not buy at the first communication . So, the idea is to hook the customer bringing home a first result: retrieve contact data, and then start a structured communication relationship, which aims to transform a prospect into a customer .

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  1. Acquire your contacts

As anticipated, the first phase is to acquire contact . In this sense, they are very useful   Landing Page , or “pages-flyer” oriented to sales and lead generation (in fact, the acquisition of contact).
This procedure can also be done by simply registering on the site through a promotion. Process, usually, less effective than the “page-flyer”. Be that as it may, the continuous flow of new contacts coming through this form will provide you with a list of e-mail addresses .
Always on the Landing Page : must be able to capture an ideal customer , through a promotion that is consistent and consistent with the product sold.
NB Landing pages can be advertised through Adwords and through links to social networks or to the site .

  1. The flow of communication

An excellent strategy can be structured on a series of emails for a certain period of time: called process   Drip-Marketing , or “drop marketing”.

Here are some very simple examples:

  • welcome emails;
  • those with the whitepaper to download;
  • emails with a request for a small action;
  • and other.

In this sense, equipping a good Marketing Automation software   – as White Rabbit 🙂 – you can program your communications over time (first week, second week, etc.).

  1. Diversify subsequent communications

Thanks to Marketing Automation , multiple communication paths can be undertaken; above all, it is possible to choose them based on the reactions of each client.
Here are some of the reactions to draw :

  • Did you open / receive the first emails?
  • Did you click on the email?
  • Did you visit our site?
  • He bought?

Depending on the reactions of our prospects, it is possible to develop activities and customize subsequent communications.
We can contact a prospect in various ways (via SMS, via phone, with a different email etc.), or, more directly, we can send him an incentive to purchase or an increasingly important type of promotion .
Obviously you can start these activities if your Marketing Automation system is also an Integrated Marketing system : that is, a system that acquires information from the site, eCommerce, etc.
Only in this way will you be able to:

  • enhance a contact and sell more;
  • create an automatic sales process;
  • maximize the performance of your activities and therefore of your investments (ROI);
  • get more information on your target’s behavior.  

Start immediately to acquire new customers with White Rabbit Marketing Automation: where everything is integrated!

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