The success of Influencers in 2017 is indisputable: after the big companies, even small companies have decided to allocate a large part of their advertising budgets in collaborations with Blogger and Influencer .

The collaborations with digital personalities represent a strategic lever of Digital marketing because they allow innumerable benefits for the brand, especially regarding the involvement of particular audience audiences.

Let’s go step by step and make clarity, starting from a standard definition:

“The influencer marketing is the process of developing relationships with influential people, able to increase the visibility and the recognition of a brand, a product or a service”.

In fact it is a model of involvement of niches of public or wider public through some personalities identified for this particular field or interest. Countless verticals : Food , Travel, Lifestyle , Eco, Green, Luxury and many more specific ones.

In short, whatever the sector and the company’s positioning, there seems to be a personality that can represent it.

But why is this model working so well?

The answer lies in the protagonists of the strategy: the influencers are in fact figures halfway between testimonial and consumers with a voice that appears authentic to people, especially if accompanied by scenes of everyday life inside their homes.

Just think how recognizable some locations are like Clio Makeup , Wilwoosh , Favij and many others that have made their rooms real TV studios. Careful and meticulous to include in their storytelling products and / or services suitable for the content they post, their lifestyle and their personality.

There   mission   of the brands so it is no longer talking to as many people as possible, but intercepting, with targeted communication campaigns, those niches of public that will guarantee a real return on investment, ROI.

So it can be said that many brands are preferring a “ cocreative rather than sponsorship” approach. Organic content always has a better amplification than mere sponsorship.

“At some point in the past year , “micro- influencer became the advertising industry’s staple buzzword for up-and- coming bloggers , YouTubers and social media personalities who promote a brand or product as part of a larger marketing campaign “.


In addition to influencers , each brand should know its Top Follower

Did you ask yourself if you know the identity of your 10 best Follower ?

Who interacts more with all your content, whether Post, Video, Articles and Newsletter?

From a marketing perspective that comes from the bottom and that manages to work its way through bottom-up marketing actions of users who, through real communities, build opinions, dispense detailed information for each type of request and demand.


The steps for a successful reward with ambassador

  1. Identify your best Follower
  2. Define a rewarding strategy customized for each individual Follower
  3. Send them ad hoc prizes and communications and establish a preferential relationship
  4. Analyze and keep under control their Social presence, especially regarding your products

The process for a successful plan with ambassadors may seem complex and very long but there are tools, the White Rabbit Super CRM that can help you automate all the steps mentioned above.

Thanks to marketing automation, it is possible to access precious information that would otherwise be recovered in a fragmented way.

For example as the Customer Journey of the customers on your site, the actual reading of newsletters, the interactions generated by the company social networks, the most visited pages of the site or the most ordered products.

In such a perspective it is possible to understand the enormous potential of the influencer and ambassador marketing as one of the activities considered most effective and current and how important it is to get the right tools and which simplify the life of those who have to manage it, always in line with the our philosophy of Happy Business.

Antonella Carrieri


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