The company organization of the Digital Marketing era

Different people, different tasks, different teams, even different outputs and results. How to combine logistics operations in the company with the creativity of Socials? How to track all these processes and guarantee an effective and appealing service to the customer?
The requests of every Project Manager and every member of an organization are clear and simple: keep an eye on all the active processes and organize the future ones. The adoptable solutions are many, from project management software to Excel sheets , to blackboards on walls and scribbled sheets on desks. The means can all work, but are we sure that they also make the company grow?

What does Project Management mean in the digital age?

Write less emails, always have all the information at hand, share the results with various teams, have a quick access to everyone’s commitments to manage unexpected events and inconveniences, be able to structure a project that is clear in detail and in the macro vision of the whole . Here’s what they offer you the White Rabbit tools.

How can I use White Rabbit to improve my team’s work?

To simplify business management we have decided to offer you more views of your commitments and projects, so that it adapts to every need and every situation.
The Gantt allows you to create projects and sub-projects, chained tasks and assigned to the various members of the teams involved, in order to immediately view two dates, task review dates, start dates that can not be postponed for the project’s success, milestones .
Immersed in everyday reality, Gantt will be transformed into an agile calendar that unpacks every activity in individual tasks and to do, to assign them to the profiles involved and follow their implementation. The project will be complete in all its forms, but you can manage it for separate compartments: filter , view and manage all Social activities to see your presence on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or other, highlight only the Logistics activities, or those of your service department to manage the launch of a product or the sales campaign just begun!
Each operation will be carried out with the help of internal messaging , which will keep all your conversations and your information organized and available in the secure White Rabbit cloud , and in the Repository Team you can store images, posts, articles, documents and anything else you need to carry out the assigned task.
And to customers? The CRM allows to assign quick and to-do tasks to the managers, who will take care of completing them and informing the company and contacting the resolution of technical problems or the creation of business opportunities. All communications with the contacts are organized in a single stream , where you can easily find emails sent, phone calls made, messages received.
White Rabbit offers you so circular and complete tools to organize the work of your company: Team, Gantt, Calendar, To-Do List, Task of technical and commercial assistance, CRM, Internal Messaging and repository in the cloud will make work organization a a strong point on which to build the current and future challenges of digital marketing .

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