Strategic Guide to Conversion Funnel from customer contact

The Web is the core reference marketplace where every opportunity corresponds to the ability to generate what we can define the art of contact . In the welter of offers, content, promotions and products we must attract the interest of the user and induce him to follow our direction generating the first step of a Funnel that aims, increasing the list of contacts, to turn an interested prospect into a loyal customer , until the much desired conversion.
The difference, in the deafening noise to which the user is subjected, is a question of marketing, more precisely of inbound marketing , a fundamental tool to trace a road of interest and emotion that the user can naturally travel to get to our brand / site by depositing its digital identity, to which our company must offer the ideal magnet , able to aim and hit the heart of the specific needs of our potential client. It is a process of generating contact through an act of planning , passion , execution .
We launch the hook and start fishing.
We try to define in the most essential way a concept, like that of Lead Generation, little known until some time ago and progressively grown in recent times, in parallel with the pressing affirmation of Web Marketing.
The Lead Generation is nothing more than the set of all the Web Marketing activities aimed at generating a contact, mainly commercial, interested in our products / services.
The concept of lead generation is contextualized in the broader scope of the concept of funnel that is that funnel that, starting from a visit and the compilation of a form , arrives, registering progressively, to the long-awaited conversion.
The Lead Generation process could be compared, in its most intense phase, in a sort of courtship process in which it is extremely important to exploit all the most effective weapons of seduction to reach the heart of our target . These weapons of seduction are the so-called magnets or those “digital magnets” that allow you to attract the interest of users by directing them to what they are looking for and that we can offer to satisfy them.
The most attractive and performing magnets can be classified into four macro categories :

  • learning : useful, functional and consistent information with the research

and the user’s interest;

  • comparison : the comparison between what the user is looking for and the advantage

to be able to obtain it, using our services / products, explaining their uniqueness
compared to that of competitors;

  • purchase : offer trial, demo or simply coupon to push on the user ‘s purchase will in order to make it natural and convenient

the Call to Action proposal;

  • entertainment : the so-called gamification or the widest process

of engaming through which the pleasant suggestion is offered
a game / distraction to interest and engage the user.
The key principle for a correct Lead Generation is to attract, offering something that does not bore, our user is functional and easy to use .
Here are some tasks to fabricate our user’s interest:
– provide specific solutions;
– provide a promise with a high emotional and specific value;
– to envisage and guarantee a concrete and attainable result;
– be credible by offering what the user asks without de-listing it:
– offer a quick solution as well as a wish to lead more and more time – sensitive.
The ideal mix consists of the following ingredients:
concrete promise + value + emotion + speed + ad hoc solution
Of course, the Lead Generation process must be correctly implemented by choosing the channels that best meet our needs and especially the habits of our users .
The available channels are the most varied and can be categorized as follows:

  • SEM;
  • SEO;
  • DEM / Newsletter;

One of the tools most involved and most used in the creation of Leads is undoubtedly the Landing Page (anchor text to our article on Landing Page), specially structured to collect data to be used for marketing activities.
The type of Landing Page specifically aimed at collecting data and aimed at offering a concrete advantage for the user is the Squeeze Page , another important and strategic tool for LG.
The best ways to follow and develop for an effective Lead Generation are therefore:

  • Production of qualified contents
  • Use of Social Media and blogs
  • e-mail Marketing and Direct Mail
  • Paid advertising
  • Events

Of course you can configure two types of strong and weak lead lead with a different propensity for conversion. It will then be our Lead Generation campaign to declare the conversion rate based on some key general factors that, if well planned, increase our percentage exponentially
– general quality of traffic
– quality in terms of consistency, substance and form of what we are advertising
– structural quality of the landing / squeeze page created
Let us not forget that the Lead Generation is only one of the phases of our conversion funnel and consequently once reached it must be followed by a ” lead ” strategy cuddling “through which we can nourish our prospect and bring it closer to a dimension of convenience / trust in our brand so as to be guided by our values, generating the loyalty we desire.
In other words, to achieve conversion it is necessary to balance and plan with care , quality and consistency the three phases starting from attraction, passing through interest, leading to the evolution from lead to prospect to customer.
The quality and the ability to draw a solution map that offers the lead what it wants on time and ad hoc it is the most profitable way to reach the end of the funnel with a conversion and with a customer.
The Lead Generation is a task that requires the support of a Marketing Automation strategy that is able to find the lead , categorize it and constantly retain it through a methodical and qualitative seeding activity before and by lead nurturing after. For this reason, the Marketing Automation activity is really fundamental and to make it the best, the White Rabbit suite provides you with all the tools necessary to attract, manage and retain your client, increasing the conversion rate .
From the Content Machine, to the Marketing Tools up to the CRM, with White Rabbit you will have
the possibility of building a tailor made relationship with your leads, accompanying them until the end of the funnel .
Try White Rabbit and find out how easy it can be to generate leads and customers.

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