Design, creation and strategic optimization of a Landing Page

The digital context in which we are operating presupposes lead generation . In other words, we must be able to “lure” our user and direct it towards
our product / service. This goal often comes up against a strong level
of communicative inflation, for which almost always a user finds himself bombarded with messages that are all the same, from which he regularly shuns. For this reason to attract
the curiosity of our target and naturally induce it to fill in a contact form requires a process of analyzing the target first but also a time- wasting web marketing strategy .
We must never forget that advertising on the web has reached very high levels of invasiveness and the shield of the Internet user has greatly increased so much that it often turns into a natural rejection of advertising communications that are all the same and ends in themselves. If you report this communication-advertising abuse
at the time factor, determining in the digital world, then we find ourselves in front of a context in which knowing how to interest the user becomes a task to pay particular attention to . This workflow inserts the Landing Page element that is often heard too often without the appropriate specifications.
Let’s start by defining in an extremely simple way what we are talking about:
The Landing Page is a landing page where visitors arrive after clicking on a link, an ADS or an email.
Usually the Landing Page is optimized for a specific keyword or phrase so as to be browser friendly
The importance of the Landing Page lies in the fact of being in fact the first page of contact with the user and therefore essential to capture the attention and make him perform an action . Therefore it is essential to create an effective Landing Page in the structure and format and to optimize it adequately so as to make it perform.
The landing page offers the user a ” direction to follow ” to reach what he wants and / or is looking to avoid wasting time and giving him what he wants when he is looking for it. Moreover, the LP, if correctly and consistently constructed, offers the possibility to increase the conversion rate .
All this great potential must however be expressed in an LP correctly packaged in form and substance. Given the growth of mistrust towards Web Marketing, the ability to manufacture an effective landing does not
it’s so common.
So let’s ask ourselves why create a Landing Page?

  • Because it is an effective marketing tool;
  • For lead generation;
  • To offer the user what he is looking for;
  • To potentially increase the conversion rate .

Let’s start from the end or from all those common mistakes that make our LP not very effective and that should be avoided categorically:
1. Neglect SEO optimization: a beautiful Landing Page lacking optimization and invisible to search engines will prove to be ineffective and therefore useless for our strategy;
2. Use unclear elements : overburden our LP with too many elements, mostly badly arranged in the graphic format, is tantamount to confusing the user who has no desire to solve “a rebus” but rather to find a clear and effective solution in a few seconds . The LP can not escape from the principle of explanatory clarity that makes its compilation functional;
3. Use unexplained titles : the headline has absolute centrality in capturing the user’s interest and as such must be cured, in language, and in consistency with
our products and services ;
4. Being inconsistent: if the ad has a format and content but the landing page reports another one, also visually inconsistent, we have a good chance that the user , “displaced” , will lose ;
5. Form too complex: the principle of time saving is fundamental in the digital world , so in front of the request for too much information our “frenetic” user will forget;
6. Less effective CTA: Landing Page must generate a lead by offering a clear direction and an immediate solution to the user. The suggested action must therefore be
confusing and immediately understandable;
7. Do not do the A / B test: the concept of optimization must also concern the performance of our LP, so preparing two or more variants and then testing them is crucial . Especially in these cases are the details that make the difference and an element more or one less can distort the effectiveness of our page;
8. Do not exploit the thank you you page: mistakenly we tend to think that the completed compilation of the contact form is the final part of our lead generation process and that once we have finished we have brought home the set result.
Actually the step forward is to also value the thank you page with which we can suggest a further action to our user, inviting him to discover even more;
9. Do not be Responsive: one of the strengths of the LP must be that of its flexibility and applicability to any type of device . Suffice it to say that about 15 million Italians surf the internet know smartphones and tablets and therefore we must make sure to offer him a necessarily responsive Landing Page;
10. Be standardized : Landing Page is one of the most used Web Marketing tools with often catastrophic results in terms of graphics and performance. We must therefore try to get out of the noise of the web by creating a landing page that responds to the principle of optimization , comprehensibility and clarity but able to stand out also for originality and creativity, in short, knowing how to intelligently get out of the box by distinguishing itself from the competition.
Once you have highlighted the mistakes you should not make when creating a Landing Page, you can decide which are the good rules to follow to get the expected results.
The creation of a Landing Page must first of all be part of a macrostrategy that presupposes:

  • the clarity of the objectives;
  • the knowledge of the target;
  • awareness of the contents to be conveyed;
  • the usefulness of what we have to offer the user ;
  • The time

Here are some simple rules for an effective Landing Pace:
1. Taking care of information foraging : the visual impact of the landing must guarantee the rules of clarity, simplicity and comprehensibility so as to create a perception of appeal by offering the user the best way to get to what he is looking for and creating prerequisites for a correct user experience .
2. Be consistent : the Landing Page represents a message that must coherently match the image of the product-service we offer and above all must reflect the parameters of the research that the user has followed.
3. Create an impact copy : Landing Page must not be discursive, indeed. Precisely for this reason it is essential to choose carefully the words used to start
from the headline that must capture the interest and effectively transmit the message of our offer;
4. To use a clear and simple formatting: the graphic format is crucial to make use and function of our Landing Page effective and smooth.
In a short time it must be possible to understand what to do, how to do it and why . In short, adopt the logic of the less is more ;
5. Choose a quality visual : the choice is decisive in terms of time saving
of an image that is the first step for the call to action on one side, and for a push
to read the text reported, on the other, in addition to the fact that a beautiful image certainly stimulates more the user to continue the compilation. In a context such as the digital one, too often inflated by form without criteria and without an aesthetic level, the choice of a quality image is a factor not to be underestimated and on which to focus decisively.
6. Being social friendly : Landing Page is a starting point that needs to be exploited
to generate buzzing and word of mouse , hence the well visible reference
in the social world it must certainly be considered and made natural, especially if our company focuses on social networking ;
7. Pay attention to the registration form : a nice visual , a good copy can be sterile if the user has to fill in 10 fields and release too much data
( cel number for example). We think of a contact form correctly positioned (almost always at the top) where the user has to leave only very few data (e-mail).
8. Suggest a call to action : a good Landing Page is the correct point
starting point to invite the user to take an action. We highlight the CTA
with the right graphic and chromatic components.
9. Exploit, if possible, the endorsement : sometimes the plus that pushes the user to continue to fill out the form of the landing is the so-called bandwagon effect that is to see that others have already done and they are happy. Then enter sentences
of satisfied customers can push the user and to the action.
10. Test your landing pages : sometimes a split testing can be useful to understand which is the Landing Page, among the two / three solutions prepared, more effective.
This is a task that perfects our tuning with web trends;
11. Make benchmarking : taking a look at competitors’ Landing Page can be a good way to do, especially to get ideas or gather useful tips
to adapt to our format or simply to do bench learning ;
12. Enter the thank you you page : the “good education” for the Landing Page
it is essential, for this when the user finishes all necessary steps
for registration it becomes strategically significant to postpone it
to a thank you page that also offers the possibility to suggest other call to action such as a visit to the site for example or similar offers;
13. Integrate the Landing Page into your strategy : the web is often dispersed in the stimuli it suggests and in the forms of communication it uses. The integrating factor is therefore important to ensure that the Landing Page recorded evenly with respect to our brand identity and brand image. The White Rabbit suite pursues the principle of marketing integration and this allows you to create, design and optimize your Landing Page, in a very short time, based on the needs of your company and your target allowing you to monitor the results of your landing for understand how to improve its effectiveness.
Take a look at the WR world and create your own Landing Page in just a few steps
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