The evolution of communication strategies: when a site and social pages can no longer be enough

In this article we will start from a group of simple questions, which we quote as follows: have you ever wondered what it takes to start up (and keep active) your online business ? And again: how many (and which) instruments can not be done without?   And then: how to manage everything ? Are your services fragmented or coordinated with each other? Have you ever heard of the web ecosystem ?
Needless to go around, after twenty years from the birth of the web, the techniques of developing an online business are becoming clearer. That phase in which we needed a showcase (that is, a simple site) able to reflect positively our business activities is, by now, largely outdated.

Issue of web ecosystem

We are of the idea that to complexify means, in a way, to simplify . The more technology specializes the more it helps us in solving (micro) problems. But, probably, by continuing to focus our lenses on individual issues, we are losing the big picture. Introducing a discussion that focuses on the idea of ​​a web ecosystem means, for us, reopening a debate centered on the overall vision . What is the direction we have taken? To which philosophy are our innumerable marketing activities linked?

Technology does not answer these questions, we must do it .

Web social and marketing

When we talk about the web ecosystem , we refer to those methods capable of putting together all the digital functionalities we need in the management of any online business . But not only, because it is more necessary than ever to remember that the web is a great interweaving of human intentions   that make explicit (also) the realization and acquisition of knowledge aimed at needs .

esempio di ecosistema web

If you accept this definition, you can move to a more operational plan and look at that set of components we use, from time to time, in the development of any online business:

  • Server management to purchase sites and e-mail;
  • (therefore) Computer security : to protect the system from hacker attacks;
  • websites and eCommerce : platforms to view their online offer;
  • Mail Marketing software : to send mail to a list of contacts;
  • Landing Page development software : able to create useful promotional offers in case of special promotions;
  • Survey software : necessary for testing end customer satisfaction;
  • management of online payments and shipments :
  • software for archiving and managing Contacts : CRM;
  • advertising software: on Google Ads and on Facebook and other social channels;
  • Software for Statistics: Google Analytics, Insight Facebook, etc;
  • software for managing teams and projects ;
  • SEO analysis software ;
  • and so on…


The challenge of complexity

All this fragmentariness produces complexity , which requires to be managed and even in a simple way. We can classify it in (at least) four points, or as:

  1. need to know all the techniques and technologies of today;
  2. need for dozens of accesses and passwords for different software ;
  3. urgency to cohabit in always different systems and work environments ;
  4. costs of fragmentation , time and action .

But above all, no possibility of integration   between information and between suppliers: it is   distinct (all) environments , which is complex (and expensive) to make a dialogue with each other; leaving out (so to speak)   the necessity of   technicians and operational staff , or professionals, who make and manage things.

The idea of ​​White Rabbit

White Rabbit   is the all- in- one suite that is proposed as a solution to the management of this complexity. It was born with the idea and the ambition to simplify and allow access – even for the less experienced – to the wonderful world of online business .

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White Rabbit is a software designed to grow with you : the more you need tools and the more you can add them. IS   all your history will always be available, adapted to the evolutions you want to develop over the years.

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