Definition, theory and practices of Disruptive Marketing

Disruptive Marketing is more than a strategy, more than a technique, more than a philosophy of selling and satisfying the needs of its customers. Disruptive Marketing is a proactive business approach, a state of mind that precedes every other decision, a mantra to be followed constantly to produce results. In fact, if in the traditional approach to marketing, companies develop their products and services and then implement strategies to attract new consumers and bring them closer to their business, the digital age allows us to look at marketing in a totally different way.
Consumers now drive the market, not companies. It is not the business or the business that moves the masses, but it is the people who dictate trends, fashions and changes … but not always. In fact, there are companies that study the market, Big Data, study the Customer Analytics of the sector they belong to, the hunting territories of the Brands and their strategies, merging each type of digital data: Social, Search Engines, Blogs, Opinions and Reviews, emails, user databases, geopolitical and energy addresses. In this way they are able to predict what will be the next moves of users, to implement a digital Predictive Marketing that leads them to understand what they can achieve to conquer the market. In this way they are able to offer their customers exactly what they want.
It’s the example of Apple, which with the launch of iTunes , has completely changed the online music market, intercepting the trends of streaming, mobile use and accessibility before anyone else. How is it possible to implement a similar process in your company?
First of all we need to listen and start from the bottom. A digital and corporate redefinition that does not take into account the opinions of the public and the social context in which it operates is born in itself : the Brand Perception so far acquired will take over, and again the Brand will self-impose itself, failing in its restyling and renewal operation. Listen to what your customers are saying to you, analyze the flows within your site and competitors’ sites, analyze the opinions of fans and followers on social networks , read internationally about what’s new in your industry, and have the courage to change !

How do I Disruptive Marketing with White Rabbit ?

White Rabbit is the perfect hub for digital Disruptive Marketing: through the Content Machine you can read everything about your sector all over the world, articles, posts, social and opinions will be concentrated within your platform. The Power Analytics will provide you the right directions to photograph the Customer and the Customer Analytics Journey to implement your new Customer Analytics strategy , while with the Marketing Tools you can communicate with your users through Landing, Polls, DEM Mail and Newsletter. You can also involve Influencers groups or customers lost with the CRM and its integrated communications panel (emails, messages, social activities and phone calls all in one form).
Analyze this data and get involved: whatever your future business will be, White Rabbit will help you make it happen.

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