How do I create and write posts, articles and blogs that are more interesting?

Just write articles on articles that do not attract visitors and customers by spending time and money . Identify the interests and potential of your audience, and create engaging and above all useful content .
Creating contents and articles will no longer be a simple, boring, repetitive and quantitative exercise. Information is important to your business , and it’s not enough to write more to attract potential customers and fans on your pages. With White Rabbit you can write semi-automated articles updated, interesting and above all that bring results to your online business .

What does it mean to increase the performance of a post or an article?

Indeed, a content can be said to be effective if it satisfies three conditions:
1. It is up-to- date and modern , that is, it offers suggestions on the questions that consumers and the people of the web are putting on your company, your products or on the world right now;
2. It offers a new or clear point of view , which is useful . Many articles are written for the simple purpose of positioning themselves on search engines, without offering any information to the reader. Obviously this type of items does not bring benefits to your online business, and its costs outweigh the benefits;
3. It is well distributed , so well positioned on Google, well- shared on Social Networks, the audience that follows you is informed about its publication, other bloggers and sites talk about it and discuss it.

How can I use White Rabbit and its Content Machine?

With White Rabbit it will be easy not only to write your articles, but above all to manage their creation and then follow the publication on your platforms, monitoring their performance.
The Content Machine is the main engine to create engaging and interesting articles for your audience. Start by setting a keywords plan to monitor: they can be those on which your business is based , or those on which you are focusing your analysis. From this first step the White Rabbit suite will acquire the semantic information to work on.
Secondly, set the sources from which to draw information and publications: by triangulating the data between the keywords , the sources and their language, the suite will identify and translate for you the most interesting articles. At this point you have a complete library of what you write and say in the world that you can take advantage of for your business .
Now you have two ways: start writing your article or take an already set base from which to start. Do not worry, White Rabbit will follow you in all the steps, proposing you during writing tips and SEO optimizations . What will come out of the Content Machine will therefore be interesting in nature, because it intercepts local and global trends , and optimized for search engines, thanks to SEO scanning in real time. And if you need inside multimedia content, via the Repository in Cloud Team you can make them by your graphics, approved by the head and use the page at any time, and anywhere in the world you are, via desktop or mobile.
However, a good article does not exhaust its potential once published: program its distribution using the Project Management Tools with your Team, and then use the Social tool to publish it on your platforms. You can also send it by email to your lists, inserting it into a DEM with the Marketing tools . By connecting all of this information at this point we grando through Power Analytics to tell you customized the White Rabbit whole article: l ‘effort related to its creation, its publications and online propagation, visits and retained on your website.

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