WHITE RABBIT gets born with the aim of giving to the user the opportunity of carrying out with just a single login all the key operations for Web Marketing and doing Business online.

For operative ease, all the activities have been divided in 7 macro-groups:

  • Website and E-commerce;
  • Social;
  • Marketing Tools;
  • C.R.M.;
  • Content Machine;
  • Collaboration Tools;
  • Analytics.

The Marketing Integration of the Tools included in White Rabbit is unique, allowing for ulterior potential and unmatched ease of use, but  let us introduce You in the Rabbit’s den with an overview of its functions.

White Rabbit is a world of solutions.

                            “Website and E-Commerce” Section

With White Rabbit you can connect all of your online structure, create one starting from the suit and/or give it a good boost.
On the website, E-commerce, dominions, hosting and general web infrastructure. You can:

1.Create a static website from “one page” up to 4/5 pages;

Enough for small businesses, realize Your first website or present Your activities in a simple way but with graphically effective and professional output; You can then develop from here your online presence, get your name indexed and present on important website as Google My Business, Tripadvisor…
No technical skills are required, it’s a simple way to have a nice D-I-Y website.

2.Create a website in WordPress;

WordPress is the standard in C.M.S. (dynamic content websites), it’s a functional, effective and safe choice for your professional online presence.
The biggest challenges stay in installing and keeping updated the WordPress  software and the need for a Hosting services to be purchased aside, thanks to White Rabbit You will be able to create in few clicks your own WordPress website in  FULL version (with unlimited plugins and configurations), no Hosting needed as it is included in White Rabbit. Easy.
Once created your WordPress website You will have the chance to associate it with a domain (.com, .net,etc)
A specific plugin will have your WordPress smoothly connected to White Rabbit, letting You acquire statistics, publish contents, landing pages etc.

3.Create an E-commerce with WooCommerce;

WooCommerce is the E-commerce of WordPress, it permits You to easily create small e-commerce websites made of few pages or products. It is a basic tool without the full potential of a professional E-commerce but it’s a good entry point to start your e-commerce activity.

4.Create an E-commerce with Prestashop;

Prestashop is a very effective open source E-commece service to create Your first professional e-commerce. With White Rabbit You can create a website in Prestashop hosted directly on our servers with no additional costs.
Also Prestashop can be connected to the suite trough a specific plug-in, allowing for a perfect dialog between Your website and the tools of the suit.
i.e. uploading in the CRM your customers, orders,… and so on.

5.Connect an existing WordPress site;

Trough a specific plug-in You will be able to install White Rabbit’s super powers to your existing website. You will have a smooth connection that will allow You to create and publish Your posts directly from the Suite, take the chance of its Content Machine, monitor website’s statistics, acquire all the subscribers of Your mailing list, publish landing pages… and much more.

6.Connect a WooCommerce site;

Connect Your Woocommerce site and transfer Your orders, contacts and customers to the suit to develop and boost Your business in a professional way…

7.Connect a Prestashop site;

Thanks to a simple plug-in present in the Prestashop’s Marketplace You can connect Your Prestashop site and give to Your online business a boost through the White Rabbit superpowers : integrated CRM, marketing tools and marketing automation. You can transfer customers, orders, products and install further components to develop statistics.

8.Connect a Magento E-commerce site;

Same way You can connect any website on Magento (up to version 1.9); all the of the White Rabbit’s functions will be automatically available for Your online business (CRM, Mail marketing, Landing Page, etc.).

9.Connect a Shopify E-commerce;

You can also connect to the suite a website made on Shopify, allowing You to receive orders, clients and related datas.

10.Connect Multiple Websites for a national/international global strategy;

The more advandced White Rabbit’s versions allow to install multiple websites to the suite. Immagine all of Your Web infrastructure (e-commerce, blog, one-pages, landing pages) connected to to just one suite. You will have all the data from Your pages filed on the same tool which also integrates automated statistics about visibility and the complex of Your orders. You will never lose the sight on Your net.
A multiwebsite strategy can result in an increased national/internazional visibility: any website may be used to conquer locally different keywords. White Rabbit will help You in this and also in minimizing hosting costs.

11.Make a SEO analysis (Search Engine Optimization);

Once connected to White Rabbit ask for a S.E.O. analysis of Your site and get a check-up of the effectiveness of Your configurations for its indexing on the main Search Engines.

12.Acquire Keywords;

After creating or connecting a website to White Rabbit it will acquire relevant keywords, ready to be imported on your editorial plan for an automated Content Marketing”.

13.E-mail Server;

White Rabbit got an integrated E-mail Server which allows for up to 50 addresses, You won’t need any external service. Simple and effective.

14.Purchase a domain;

Trough White Rabbit You can purchase and manage Your .com or other fist level domains from everywhere in the world.

 15.Connect a domanin to a website;

Both owned or acquired trough White Rabbit domains can be addressed to the webstructure You created.

 16.Website Hosting included in the price;

Often purchasing hosting services involves direct and indirect costs (service, assistence, payments…), to avoid this White Rabbit will host for You all the services You need (website, e-mail, domain, dns etc.). Easier and cheaper.
White Rabbit’s hosting service is powered by the superior Amazon AWS, powerful and reliable, which allows for significant international presence.

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