The Newsletter is a tool of primary importance to create email marketing campaigns , so as to implement and maintain a direct line with your customers and update them periodically on the activities of your business .
It consists of creating a mail with well-defined templates that represent the business card of your company, which you will send to your list of contacts who have voluntarily shared their addresses, thus creating a direct channel of interaction.
Having a well structured mail marketing activity with precise and catchy Newsletters allows you to never be “forgotten” by your customers, giving an image of continuous presence and closeness to your contact. The ultimate goal will therefore be that of loyalty . The greater the consideration of your brand (in terms of reputation ), the greater your credibility will be.


Database creation

The first action to be taken is the creation of a database of your contacts who have shared their address, segmenting them by type, habits, and the latest trends in the network, such as to identify profiles of buyers personas to whom the activity of mail marketing. We will therefore have well-structured groups with their own characterization. The objective will therefore be to set up for each type of communication style ad hoc, based on interest, age, gender, city of origin, etc.
What is a DEM

The Direct Mail Marketing is an activity of communication via e-mail, according to which advertising information is conveyed to a contact list that voluntarily shared with you their addresses, exploiting the direct mail channel.
Segmenting the contact database for common characteristics (gender, interests, age, etc. ), you can create specific targets to target a campaign Dem designed specifically for that segment of customers / prospects .
It therefore comes to be configured as a ” push ” activity , ie all those activities aimed at reaching new potential customers or loyalty of those already acquired, giving rise to a strong interaction with users, through the establishment of a relationship based on trust with your target audience


How to make a DEM?

To structure a Dem campaign you have to follow some steps:

  1. Determine your business goal (for what purpose is it created?)
  2. Plan the appropriate content for each phase of the Buyer Journey
  3. Prepare more models to be re-used by choosing your own template , setting your own original graphic layout;
  4. Set the subject of the email, clear and relevant;
  5. Call to action to convey traffic to a Landing page;
  6. Enter your references to be contacted
  7. Start sending to the names in your mailing list
  8. Analyze and improve through data from your dem campaign


Functions of a DEM activity

Using the Newsletter tool, if well established, your direct mail marketing business will bring significant benefits in terms of:

  • Traffic generated on your blog if related to content updates;
  • Visibility of your online / offline activities and related updates;
  • Direct communication with the contact;
  • Customer Care if set for particular customer-events or related sales / post-sales activities;
  • Offers for your products / services for which a contact has shown recent interest;
  • Visibility toonline material made available for download , such as e-books and the like;
  • Measurability : this is a fundamental and peculiar requirement of the mail-marketing activity; all the activities are easily measurable even in real time and therefore allow you to change your strategy in progress to optimize the results, measuring the effectiveness of your strategy, measuring detailed statistics on the openings of the mails, the clicks generated, etc., in way to optimize your subsequent campaigns.


Why choose White Rabbit

Our Suite will allow you to create professional, captivating models    with simple steps to start your direct mail marketing business and integrate / compare all the data of your business.
In particular you can:

  • Createreusable templates for subsequent campaigns and customize them in Html code ;
  • Choose from multipletemplates made available by the Suite ;
  • Send the email to particular groups ofcustomers / prospects registered already on White Rabbit ;
  • Measure the progress of your campaign by tracking actions of ourcustomer database , filtering for precise and verifiable data and consulting in our integrated Analytics ; this function will allow you not only to have benefits in terms of sales, but also of ” resell “.
  • Export the newsletter for any revisions;
  • Plan your direct mail marketing activity on the integratedPlanner ;
  • Generate traffic on yourLanding Page created in the suite, through call to action in the email;
  • Take advantage of all the functions of the Suite in terms of Marketing Automation ;
  • Sendpersonalized emails to contacts that, data in hand, have accomplished a multichannel action of appreciation / interaction with your online products-services, showing a certain type of interest, thus increasing the probability of conversion.

Our added value is therefore given by the integration of the data acquired by the Suite, of specific metrics and KPI in continuous analysis, which allow you to optimize your email marketing campaign also on the way, keeping all the info at your fingertips. more sensitive.
And the overview of the Suite that will make the difference for your business.

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