Today, before every purchase and many choices, we look for ourselves on the net and we get an idea of ​​the product / service to be purchased.

Here’s how to make a Content Marketing strategy to develop your visibility.

While doing this activity we navigate the information written by bloggers, enthusiasts, technologists or industry lovers that we recommend that product or that other brand.
In this way we create an opinion of what to do.
This activity has become central to modern business and if you want to create an “added value”, a career opportunity on the web c starts to create your own expressive space . Start creating your visibility and then your business and your online income.
The more you work in this space, the more you will become influential on the industry and attract money from companies that want to conquer or raise awareness among your readers.
Just like a newspaper, in a simplistic way, companies pay to buy advertising space, so, the more readers you will attract the more you will have value and you can do business on the network.
Here are 10 small rules to start a business without money in 30 minutes!

  1. Discover your Passion : writing a blog is not a simple game .. requires commitment and perseverance. So if you want to find the energy sufficient to this “game” in the long term it is better that you begin to find a passion within you, an engine that will help you to overcome difficult times and to find the motivations, a passion on which you have to say , to suggest. Example: Music, Art etc.
  2. Define a possible topic related to your Passion : now turn your passion into four / five blog ideas and, therefore, topics to start dealing with. Make sure that they are not too general but quite specific and clear, more the market where you write is larger and more generic and, probably, your actions should be specific. Example: Blog on 80s Music, Blog on Jazz Music, Blog on Emerging Local Artists etc.
  3. Check your idea before starting : after having identified the areas of publication in the previous point check if it has a sense of the market. Analyze the sectors thanks to the free Google tool ” Adwords External “It ‘a tool that helps you see what they look for people in the areas you analyzed, put your keywords on the finger and verification by just how important your area. Remember you have to find very high numbers because investing blog make sense.The arguments must go from a total of 100,000 searches per month and up.Otherwise the “business” may be too small.You can reach this threshold by adding many keywords, but above all the sense of this post is .. take a look first to the numbers!
    Check then by looking on Google how much competition there is for that topic.
  4. Choose the theme and Parts : After having established the theme on which there can be the engine of your passion, after checking that it can hit a certain question on the internet and after verifying that it is not saturated the information sector choose the best Theme that you have devised and, just think !, move on to action.
  5. Create your own blog on : sign up for a Blogger account with Google and create your blog in ten minutes. Give it a name, give it a layout and start posting immediately. It is really simple and immediate. Do not worry about parties, gradually you will always read better how to do, how to improve yourself, how to better set up the blog but now do not stop. Throw yourself on the net! Start to see your posts online. If you have difficulty never stop, search on Google for the answers you need, there is everything!
  6. Make an Editorial Plan : write and organize an index of things to talk about, you can not think of thinking every day! Facts of course a first lineup of things to say. From the most important, to curiosities, to events etc. etc. Obviously it will not be a challenging lineup but just a rough canvas on which to find ideas or to organize your daily work.
  7. Create sources of information : Thanks to Google Alerts or Google Reader, you will be informed of news every day. Google Alert warns you with an email of the daily news on a certain topic or certain keywords that you indicate. Google Reader “hooks” to many forms of information and allows you to create your own personal newspaper. It also uses Google News and still creates a list of Portals and Sources of Information. Better in foreign language otherwise you risk following too much what they say in your country and Google does not want copies!
  8. Create Social Profiles like Blog : If you want to socially distribute your content with ease, do not rely on Google Ricerche alone, but also create profiles on Facebook , Twitter and Google+ in order to amplify the strength of your news and accumulate contact capital and allow to your audience to stay in touch with you.
  9. Every day write 2/3 posts : To do business you have to do a lot of content, hundreds, thousands and written in an interesting way for the user and valuable. The only way to eat an elephant is one piece at a time! Therefore with public consistency and respond to comments but constantly every day. Perseverance will become your greatest ally. Then distribute your contests socially to all your social profiles.
  10. Just do it! do not complain, believe me, working a year in this way and your efforts, if you guess the cut and you adapt their way, will lead to attractive profits. I do not think it’s easy to earn so millions of euros, but a salary certainly yes ! And I have many tests, many of my employees and interns are now living this activity! In addition, companies are looking for more and more bloggers and you will see that value in a year.

The future is on the web and the future has arrived!
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