The importance of e-commerce

An e-commerce site is of fundamental importance for those who want to open a ” shop ” to sell their products even / exclusively online . Selling online today is vital not only in terms of conversion and sales , but also in terms of visibility.
It is clear that the e-commerce site will be the Hub of your business , around which you will develop a complete digital strategy , which will involve Site, Social channels, Mail Marketing, PPc advertising campaigns , CRM.
The e-commerce market has been worldwide escalating for more than 10 years , and more and more people are making online purchases, not only from PCs, but also from tablets and smartphones in multi- device mode .


Even if Italy is still far from the high standards of other countries like China, South Korea, UK and Germany, a clear growth of e-commerce is registered, recording a + 26% in the last three years according to a report by Il Sole 24 hours
An e-commerce activity as previously mentioned involves a series of advantages both for the consumer and for the manufacturing company:
1.   Convenience of purchase : the online stores are open 24 hours a day, with the possibility of buying in a few clicks, nowadays that the rhythms of life are more and more frenetic;
2.   Visibility : this is a dominant factor among the advantages of doing e-commerce. It is clear that a digital support strategy should be implemented to enhance your online store around the world;
3.   Cost reduction : the seller can save many of the costs of running a physical store by setting up an online platform, with the great advantage of being able to address a wide and wide audience all over the world;
4.   Availability and prices down : often online you can find products not always available in physical stores at a price often lower;
5.   Possibility of comparison : in a few clicks you can inquire about the products in the catalog and acquire specific information in a few clicks;
6.   Customer feedback : you can consult the experiences of buying other customers to get an idea of ​​the product.

What does it take to do an e-commerce business?

All e-commerce sites should have some technical characteristics:

  • Clear, linear, purchase-oriented and non-distracting cart procedure ;
  • Clarity of products sold;
  • Ease of user experience ;
  • Clear and highlighted returns management ;
  • Secure and traceable payment system .
  • Catalogue

Once your site is online you have to create a digital dress around, in terms of:

Fundamental at this point is to adopt with a CRM (customer management software). With it you can keep track of your business ,   follow the customers in their movements on your site, in conversions, purchases, through a certain attention to feedback, contacts and communication.


Why choose White Rabbit

Choosing our Suite to directly create an e-commerce site (in Prestashop or in WordPress with Woocommerce ) entails a series of advantages not only in terms of visibility.
First of all you can create your e-commerce site inside the suite or connect one in WordPress containing the plugin Woocommerce , and in a few steps make it immediately online .
You can then start loading your products and start selling !
Through the adjacent Active menu you can view the Seo structure of your site, download the WR plugin to connect it to the Suite, and have access to more features.
With our integration systems, for example, you can see what actions users have done on your site and for which products they have shown interest and for which they have completed their shopping experience .
In this way you will be able to   implement a series of targeted strategies in terms of marketing tools (always present in the Suite)
In addition, our software integrated into the Suite Analytics and CRM will allow you to cross your contact data, observe their actions, monitor the latest orders and sales made, find out who your best customers are !
The final advantage will therefore be not only that of selling and loyalty as in a normal e-commerce site, but having a database of data of your contacts / customers available to develop a targeted and profitable strategy by crossing the available info, as well as trace around the customer Journey Guest
When we say “Information is power” …

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