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The website is a virtual space in which a company or a private individual can express ideas, propose something or simply share thoughts. Physically, a site is a space in a PC made up of a series of electronic pages that reside in a terminal connected to the network ( host ) equipped with a web server. This server is part of the World Wide Web (WWW), and it constitutes, together with e-mail , the most used internet service. Without this service, WEB sites could not be consulted.
Web pages , image files , videos or text files on a website are organized under the same domain: a name that precisely identifies the name of a private individual, company or organization of an organization on the Internet. In technical terms it can be like a string of alpha-numeric characters that distinguishes a particular site.
More confidently, the domain is the main entry to the virtual address in the network where the WEB site resides; so to speak, when we write , we are writing the address to be able to access the domain of that site that we want to consult.
What is a website for?

A website carries out a series of fundamental features:

  • disseminates information of a commercial, personal or informative nature such as sites of newspapers, corporate sites to promote services and products, purely personal sites, autobiographical content or related to their interests (blogs), ..
  • it collects contents , often downloadable, in the form of sectorial and non-sectoral databases.Examples are search engines, dictionaries and online encyclopedias, popular audio and video sites, sports sites with all the data derived from them,
  • brings people together in virtual communities (community) for social purposes (social networks) or games (online gaming sites) or simply to discuss and discuss a specific topic (discussion forum);
  • allows you to sell products or services.The most classic example are the e-commerce sites for online sales of products.Other examples are online consultancy, sponsorship through links, online auction sites,

Summing up a website can perform multiple functions at the same time. For example, a company that wants to sell a certain product will be able to draw up an information section related to the area in which the product is part and create a virtual meeting place between users who want to exchange information or opinions on that particular asset.

  Creating a website

The network   has reached unimaginable levels of diffusion until recently, and being present online is now a prerequisite for any company, regardless of its size.
The network allows you to get in touch with an audience of potential customers, much larger than you could imagine.
Often within companies, a site is renounced because there are no skills to create one; choose the hosting (the virtual place that will host our site), the domain name (that part of the address that will uniquely identify our site), the CMS (the program that helps us to manage the contents of our website on the Web) , are all aspects that, for those who do not dislike the subject, can turn out to be practically impossible steps to make in creating a WEB page.
In particular, the choice of a server on which to support your site (hosting) is a very important step that must be addressed without haste , taking the time necessary to evaluate all aspects related to costs , performance and services related to the website ; in fact, those who are beginners tend to make the mistake of buying the most advertised hosting on the web.
Why choose White Rabbit

With White Rabbit the impossible will become possible , and in a few simple clicks you can:

  • create a WordPress site with or without E-Commerce ( Woocommerce )
  • link an existing WordPress site (with or without E-Commerce Woocommerce )
  • connect a platform created through the CMS owner of White Rabbit E-Commerce.

You can also:

  • Manage and publish articles directly via Suite
  • Integrate the Landing Pages created with the Marketing tools
  • Classify and automatically insert contacts received in the CRM
  • Put in place Site Analytics integrated with data Social, SEO and Lead Generation
  • Manage all the management and marketing parameters of the E-Commerce directly from the Suite

Last, but not least, you will no longer have to worry about choosing which server to support your site; White Rabbit it also solves this through its automated and intuitive procedure , opening the door to new possibilities such as that to easily create more e-mails without having to move from the Suite!
Hosting, domain name and CMS choice will no longer be a problem!
Being online has never been so easy !
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