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Search engine optimization (from English S earch And ngine ptimization O) has become a vital requirement for those who want to implement an activity of Blogging.  
The term SEO refers to all the activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website on search engines, primarily Google .
In particular, it refers to all practices aimed at scaling organic positions (ie not paid) in the results shown by the search engine (called SERP , Search Engine Results Page).
The goal will therefore be to make the content of each page as readable as possible and recognizable to the search engine crawler (the algorithm that searches).
Main elements “ Seo on page” for article editing

the keywords

First of all, to optimize content in terms of Seo , the key words on which you want to build the entire content are fundamental .
They are the terms, the exact words, the most used on the web between the searches carried out, and more relevant for that type of topic chosen.
The analysis of the keywords is therefore a fundamental activity that must be put in place before the writing of the article with different tools .
Choosing the keywords with the highest levels of performance will allow you to get more visibility in search results.

Meta descriptions

The ” meta descriptions “, are additional information, specific descriptions on the topic of the article, to allow the search engine crawler to better understand its contents and thus improve indexing . Usually an optimal standard length is about 160 characters.
Therefore, writing an accurate , exhaustive and detailed description can increase not only the visibility but also the click rate ( CTR ) on your page.

  Tag Title and Alt Text

Similarly, there are ” tags title “regarding the titles of the paragraphs   and the information read by the search engine (for example heading 1 , heading 2 ), and the ” alt text concerning the images : they go to describe the content of the image as it will be only those info that the crawler will read , not the image itself in terms of content.
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The importance of Link building

There   link building   it is the process that allows other sites to be granted   backlinks (inbound link to your site)   to yours: everything is done in order to promote its popularity and thus enjoy a series of benefits. This is one of the main SEO activities , which allows you to contribute to both positioning and popularity on search engines and at individual users.

The process in question is usually distinguished between   internal and external links : the former are important because they serve to build a network of links on the pages of your site, which favors the indexing by the engines of all pages. This helps users to browse the site based on their needs, making it take over the need to build external links that make your site more famous: this represents a   factor   very important (even if it is not the only one) for the purpose of positioning.
Greater credibility will have your references in links , greater authority will have your content.
  Why choose White Rabbit

With White Rabbit you can not only create your article, but constantly keep an eye on the whole Seo Integrated Suite analyzer .
In particular, you will have a constant overview on:

  • Number of keywords
  • Keywords entered
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta description
  • Tag title
  • Alt text images

By monitoring these metrics you can optimize your article to be able to publish directly from the suite on the pages you choose, site and / or social.
A good yield will be highlighted in green , while when the metric is not set to its best, it will appear in red.

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Glossary: keywords, metakeywords,  alt text, tag title, meta descriptions, Seo, ctr, crawler, Serp, link building
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