How do I increase my E-Commerce sales?

I can not intercept the needs of my consumers, my competitors travel a thousand and I do not know what to invent to improve my sales. Using White Rabbit we promise you targeted, high impact and above all safe return to increase the profitability of your online sales. The Digital Marketing of an E-Commerce is too often an indefinite set of operations disconnected from each other: SEO, adwords advertising campaigns , Social, Newsletter and DEM, Landing pages . But really analyze your Customer Journey ? Do you really know what promotion to offer, and especially to whom, within your CRM?

How can I increase purchases and turnover of my online business?

The tactics to increase visits and revenues of E-Commerce online are now known and classic: promotions, bundles, custom emails, indexing, advertising campaigns … because then they do not seem to work? Why many E-Commerce run after each purchase with a thousand different actions, and then fail to make purchases? The strategy needs to be centralized and coordinated to succeed.

How do I use the White Rabbit suite on my Shop?

Increasing the sales of your E-Commerce is an operation that will involve all the tools in the suite and will guarantee concrete and measurable results over the course of time. With White Rabbit you can increase transactions, the average receipt or the purchase of new customers, all through circular transactions and connected to each other.
You can take advantage of the tools of Power Analytics or the keywords of Content Machine to analyze the content of your site in SEO: increase store display and its products on search engines like Google will pemetterà to intercept users’ searches and have more potential customers on your store . The connection of the Social tools also goes in this direction: plan your editorial calendar with your team by including the products, promotions and curiosities of your business. More content , more visibility , more customers .
This is not all: visits must be capitalized, customer contacts stored and subsequently used to increase the carts. For this through the Marketing tools you can create specific landing Landing Page for your campaigns or your Social publications, and insert in it forms contacts or surveys, which automatically (thanks to the integrated privacy policies) will save your leads within the CRM , cataloging them by origin, demographic data and interests.
Your database will then be enriched with potential buyers to whom you can send DEM and Newsletter , or which you can analyze to decide what will be your next strategic moves on the Shop. Do you have many female clients? Name your communication on them. Many customers do not know how to handle shipping costs? Take down the problem by making them free. Are many customers interested in sports? Why not integrate ad hoc articles and targeted publications on your blog?
You can then perform operations Customer Analytics depth, to learn the strengths and opportunities to be exploited to increase your earnings, and thanks to the tools of Power Analytics, you will be able to follow the trail of each access to your E-Commerce, intercepting it at the exit points and turning every previously abandoned cart into profit.
Optimize your site, plan and increase your visibility, take advantage of every contact and intercept the wishes of your users. Your E-Commerce will grow in a dynamic, natural and exponential way thanks to the combined use of White Rabbit .

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