Usually, Landing   they aim to maximize lead generation, ie the acquisition of contacts. But implementing them is not always that simple

The   Landing Page play a very important role in any advertising campaign (AdWords or Facebook Ads): allow   maximize the commercial result and minimize the cost per contact .
On the market there are many software that allow to realize a Landing Page in a simple way, also varying between a range of aesthetic devices. One of the most common problems is the fact that many of these software – in the act of entering the data – forward an email with a large list of contacts, but it is up to you first to file and then manage them .

Another important aspect is to be able to realize a Landing Page with a certain degree of graphic quality . As you know, there are many types and therefore require a very flexible implementation software.

Landing Page and CRM

The integration between the Landing Page and a CRM , however, allows the entry of contacts directly in your customer archive ; and this procedure offers a number of possibilities and benefits.
First of all, you can archive each contact taking into account all the levels of privacy he has acquired . In fact, a GDPR authorization flag acquisition system allows the storage of all contact preferences on the customer profile, valid for both legal and commercial purposes.
Thus it becomes possible to respect the rules for two reasons:

  1. because the system records date , time and IP through which the user has adhered to the privacy and from which landing page comes: this allows to prove that the membership was actually granted;
  2. the e-mail system does not send messages if there is no adherence to privacy valid for marketing purposes . So if someone is excluded you do not have to reload any contact list: it is the system that registers the preferences on the customer archive and the subsequent sending will not forward any unauthorized communication.


New levels of automation

A Landing Page system integrated with a CRM   allows new levels of automation thanks to Marketing Automation .


You will be able to send communications or set up actual flows based on the date or specific landing of the contact’s acquisition .
The White Rabbit suite allows you to publish the Landing created both on a specific address but also, thanks to the WordPress connector , directly on the page of your site.
You can easily create create   Support Landing Page   with a ticket for your team and also record it on the customer profile. The system of Landing Page White Rabbit recognizes the customer when entering an email that belongs to someone in customer register.
If the data does not match, the customer is considered new and added to your customer list.

The performance levels of your business can increase if you use the entire White Rabbit suite with the help of collaboration tools and / or integrated e-mails and text messages.

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