Facebook Insights : how and why to view them with White Rabbit

The Facebook Insights are the insights that inform the user about the state of health of its corporate page.
Through these insights it will be possible to know how much and how the page will be followed by the respective public.
The possibility of obtaining this information is linked to at least 20 like on the page ; reached this goal the social network   will give all the information possible to understand which is the most involved (public) target and which content has most interested him.
The insights are composed of a series of sections; each section provides particular information about the page.
Not all information can be of immediate use, so we highlight the most useful data to pay more attention to .

The overview shows, from the term, a general overview of the progress of the page, in a period of time   determined, which can range from: YESTERDAY, TODAY, ONE WEEK, 28 DAYS.
Through the vision of the same it will be possible to have a point of the situation regarding:
like on the page , that is:   the number of likes that i   users have put on the page;
page views , that is: how many times the profile of a page has been viewed by people;
page coverage , that is: the number of people who have seen one of the posts on your Page;
people , that is: the nature of the public that is following the page in terms of age, gender and geographic origin.

grafico insights

This section is dedicated to a deepening with respect to the likes obtained from the page . In particular, you will have the opportunity to know:
how many of the likes obtained are organic or paid , that is: if they are the result of a spontaneous initiative by the user or if they were induced by a sponsorship;
origin of the likes , that is: where come the likes put by users (this section is extremely important because it allows to know which is the most used tool by the target   such as desktop / mobile / Fb / Google page).

This section is very relevant because it allows you to know:
how many times the page has been displayed ;
how many people have been viewed from the page ;
the sources from which the views come (Google Chrome , Desktop, Mobile, more …).

In this section you can view the number of people who have seen the content of the page , that is, how many content has ” passed in front ” on the Facebook wall .
The section makes a diversification between:
organic coverage : indicates the number of people who saw a post not sponsored;
paid coverage : indicates the number of people who have seen a post for sponsorship.

This section collects detailed information about the public follower. In particular, it will be possible to know:
the sex most involved ;
the age of the public most involved ;
the origin of the most involved public ;
the most spoken language by the public involved .


This section is extremely important because it allows to evaluate the quality of the publishing plan. In particular, it will be possible to check which content published on the page has been more effective. Within the area there are some items that specify:
when the fans are online , that is: the days   and the times in which the fans of the page are more likely     are   online;
the posts published , that is: the list of all posts published with the most effective reporting in terms of coverage, views and   ®interazioni.


Why choose White Rabbit  

  With White Rabbit , page analysis has never been so easy, fast and intuitive.
By connecting your company’s facebook page , it will be the software’s task to extrapolate all useful reference data as well as rework them for greater understanding.
The system will offer both an overview   with reference to the period of interest (to be exported and saved) and of the more specific data of considerable usefulness that can not be seen by anyone else   ® tool .
Through an Integrated Data Collection System it will be possible, for example, to understand not only how many interactions there have been but also how many of these have generated conversions .

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