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Writing an article for your blog is not at all simple. The blog is one of the most valuable marketing tools for your business; helps you to open a channel of communication and gain the trust of your customers, current and potential, in order to give visibility to the brand and educate them on your products.
It is therefore necessary to create and share content that attracts , informs , helps , educates , solves a problem and that entertains and entertains .


What is the use of digital content?

As digital tools advance, markets have become a place for conversation , customers and potential customers are an active part of this “dialogue” and are able to influence the market and business decisions regarding product or logistics aspects or assistance, and interact directly with companies in a relationship that is increasingly equal .
Data in hand the articles advertised on blogs and social offer the following advantages:

  • it costs 62% less than traditional ones
  • generates 3 times greater results .
  • it is much more effective than e-mail and public relations
  • returns better results than newspaper advertising

It should also be pointed out that almost half of the large organizations have implemented effective and successful content marketing strategies; this is another pivotal point for which the creation and structuring of corporate digital content, and not, is the best way to be present on the net.
How to write a blog or social content
Writing a post, for those who are beginners, is not as natural as you want to believe, especially when it comes to a corporate blog .
Partitioning the process in 5 steps can help you organize your work:

  • Planning
  • Creation of the title
  • Writing the post
  • Adding images
  • Revision

The planning consists in the collection of all the material needed for the drafting of the article. It is not a waste of time, because preparing yourself in advance can save you a lot of time in the drafting phase; need:

  • choose the topic
  • create a ladder
  • to do research
  • check the facts

The creation of a title is another fundamental point for the content that you want to publish, as it captures the reader’s attention. In other words, we must involve readers because the first thing that catches the eye is precisely the heading of the article.
So here we are at the writing stage that can be done in a single session or several times.
At this point we can add the images ; these are an aspect that should not be overlooked, as:

  • make the text more readable
  • lighten the tone of an article
  • make the most complicated concepts more comprehensible

We are almost at the end; now you just have to review everything and optimize the page for search engines in SEO.
If you have followed all these steps, you are ready to publish your article!

Why choose White Rabbit
With the tools provided by the White Rabbit Suite you can:

  • Create a content
  • Writing articles based on the material found thanks to the Suite
  • Manage and schedule editorial plans
  • Publish content on multiple social media platforms and blogs at the same time
  • Follow and increase the performance of published articles
  • Maximize engagement with SEO and Social
  • Evaluate the ROI of the editorial effort
  • Analyze integrated performances in an integrated way in the suite
  • Coordinate your work team on the publications put in place

What are you waiting for ?! Your editorial plan has never been so simple and quick to create, you can control its performance and coordinate its publication with your team; moreover, with integrated SEO tools , your content will have improved visibility, all without resorting to additional external programs! What else to say? Happy Business to you !

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