From data archiving to customer classification: what is a customer relationship management?

As many of you now know, the White Rabbit suite is a marketing system that allows you to manage your entire business from a single access : a hundred features integrated between them, a powerful and innovative CRM   (Customer Relationship Management), which you can connect   with a WordPress site or an eCommerce.  

In this article we have decided to show you one of the most innovative components of the suite, as well as all the advantages deriving from the possibility of integrating a site to a CRM .

Focus on classic CRMs

As is known, CRMs arise from the need to automate part of a company’s work and its sales activities. In what can be labeled as an archive   all the personal data of the customers are registered (mainly addresses) and all the activities or reports that the same addresses to the company. It is a possibility of contact, simple and fast, between the commercial and the customers. But CRMs also allow the creation of a planning of all commercial activities, as well as supervision of the progress of these activities.

One of the weaknesses of the CRM observed in recent years, concerns a sort of progressive bureaucratization of sales forces . A question that has discouraged (and almost nil) the use in some small and medium-sized enterprises, certainly less structured than the big multinationals. Thus, there was a lack of propensity of traditional sales forces to “record” information on negotiations. So, often, CRMs are used only by the big players of the online business, especially if they have telephone contact with the customer.

With White Rabbit , we have developed software that overcomes these obstacles: with the possibility of integrating a site to a CRM , all those “manual” operations that characterize small and medium-sized enterprises are now automated.

The advantages of automation

Thanks to the integration with White Rabbit and the automation that WR owns (just mount a plug-in component on WordPress to automatically link the CRM to your site) we can turn our “Brochure” website into a real business tool .
By taking advantage of the possibility of integrating a site to a CRM, you can:

  • automatically archive all the prospects (ie all contacts) that we acquire from the site in the customer archive;
  • contact (by mail or telephone) the prospect and manage a transformation from contact to customer also off-line.
  • plan sales activities on customers acquired through the planning of commercial activities;
  • acquire assistance tickets and manage customer assistance in the best way: the ticket is a very useful tool for tracing problems that allows an immediate perception of the problem and the absolute tracing of the company’s ability to deal with it and solve it quickly and effectively;
  • verify the company’s ability to transform a customer contact;
  • start negotiations, record progress and archive direct offers made to the customer (in files for example).
  • create a “portfolio of negotiations” by associating, for example, each negotiation with an amount and probability of success, in order to monitor the progress of developments and the value of the portfolio in real time.
  • create a real one Customer Journey ie display all the activities carried out to the customer.
  • and so on.

From B2B to B2C

An integration, therefore, particularly useful for B2B companies or B2C companies that do not plan sales from a site but own off-line sales networks or proceed to a “negotiation” path with potential customers.
Furthermore, with White Rabbit you will be able to:

  • send mail to customers and register them on the CRM;
  • create landing pages for example of assistance with automatic ticket creation;
  • send SMS
  • do Marketing Automation activities
  • and so on by saying over 100 other business activities.

What our Suite guarantees

One of the results achieved by small and medium-sized enterprises using White Rabbit is the minimization of the bureaucratic activities related to CRM: a real opportunity to favor the digital transformation of every SME .
Integrating a site to a CRM is just the beginning of the transformation of a marketing activity into a real Integrated Business activity .

Making Happy Business with White Rabbit is easier!

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